Sunday, July 13, 2014



In context of Nepal,
ATM its the month which is fully packed with Wedding...Weddings...Weddings....& Weddings... along with many other functions
weddings comes up on the top of All the events.
 And  wore this Sari in my cousin's wedding..... as i was from girls side  we all planned to wear red
and i don't own any such color Sari so, I wore my Mom's sari .

(Talking more about it, wearing red color stuffs before marriage is not much preferred by the society from where I am , but during some functions its all cool - If aint wrong this is something followed both in India & Nepal Thanx to Hinduism )

This a post where,
 I wore a traditional Banarasi Silk Sari which belongs to My Mom,  
which has been  passed down by my mom to me.
excited much as its one of my favorite Sari out of my Mom's wonderful Sari collections & have one.

 Daang !
 {can you believe she owns at least  5-8 Sari of the same color in different shades (light , Bright)  sometimes with different material }

Accessories - Mom's Gold Accessories Collection
Flats - Dulla shoes
 Watch - DKNY 
 Green Tartan Clutch -  Sovereign Gift  (Mom's collection)
Sari - Banarasii Silk Sarii ( Mom's Sari collection)

As i couldn't fit into my body into the actual Blouse of the sari which is of my mom's size.. 
I designed this blouse with a touch of the patch ..
Its too simple design with simple Flower patch... 

I Hope you all liked this post... 
would be happy to follow you all back .....  

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014



 If you are my regular reader, then am you sure you all  know how much i hate (actually dislike)
It just make thing go wrong, i mean our outfit, shoes, make- up 
in short everything

I wore this attire for a day out with my friends. 
In this look i have choosed to wear a kholapuri slippers instead a pair of  Ballerinas .
(Letting my feet breath )

Its sometimes good to try out some twist with an outfit - LOL 
My typical Kathmandu Street outfit for Monsoon

Instagram is all about selfie i guess... ...
(just kidding)
I took this picture to shoe my green & diamond gold earrings



Pastel Laced Top - Posh Clothing Store
Black skinny Soft Jeans -   Miss Guided 
Sunglasses - Folding Ray Ban Wafers
Green & diamond & Gold earring - Mom's accessories closet
Bag - Chanel 
Kholapuri Slippers - Newroad 

Hope you all liked and enjoy readings my post... .
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