Monday, December 29, 2014



 I am trying to be updated with my posts!!
But in the end ... .. i get tangled up with works !!

I hope you guys get a glimpse about today's post. Its' actually about my
Am sure you guys must be wondering why am I writing up known and again unknown as  I known who are sending me goodies But I was unknown if I would be getting what i actually planned to !!

what I got everything I Wanted this year .... ... 

And this all happened before & after Christmas !!
Happiness overloaded !!

Thank you  #Brother 

I can't believe TWO more days and its 2015 !!
Till en ... ..


Saturday, December 20, 2014



As I had planned, am writing what my first review  shall be on.  
 I went to a launch program of a make up product, which happens to be the only authorized make up product after ISADORA NEPAL, who have their own Authorized dealers in Nepal. 
This is another new thing in Nepali Market. (Good Way)

NYX Cosmetics
 is a one of those make up lines which offers lots of variety  in attractive price rang. 
NYX is an American brand make up product, which is from Los Angeles &  founded by Toni K Toni in 1999.

On Thursday - 18 Dec, 2014
NYX Cosmetics was officially launched at  XpressNepal Store, Rising Mall, Kamladi

XpressNepal is actually a clothing store, which has different branded clothes from USA &Italy.
And now they have NYX cosmetics under the same roof- Cool Isn't it ??

Tester Gifts - during the Launch 

Will soon post my review of NYX - Product soon
May be in 2015 !!

Till en .. ..

P.S.  The first picture is from XpressNepal's official facebook page.

Friday, December 19, 2014



And its Friday - TGIF !
Hope you all have different plans with your friends, family & loved ones

I also had my own plans to enjoy my day after work, so, I went to catch up with my brother who owns a Music store HERE
Though, we are in the same city and houses located almost in same area , we hardly get to see each other. 
Today, I was indeed really happy to see him, as we met after a long time !!

Hope you guys can see that - Iron Maiden drums 

Keeping that aside, hope now you can guess - how spent my day today with him !

Went to his store which is all set for christmas in Musical Style , more like midday meal lunch (saajhan ko khaaja) and small ride & visit to my favorite & old place i.e. SILENCE STREET
And if you want you can also buy the Bipul Chettri's cd (On your Right) & Underside Band Tee (on your Left) at Tone Music Store or Sound Factory
These 3 chicken  looking  thing which actually is an elephant (as said by my Daadaau)
The Top floors are dadaau's & His friends' work place
Yummy meal from #Attic

So, this whole post is a small deets about  a day out with my brother (Sujan Daadaau)

If you have not made a visit to ATTIC, I recommend you all to make a visit there & to know more about the restaurant - HERE  
(You can check out their Facebook page)

Hope you all enjoyed it ... 
Till en 


Thursday, December 18, 2014



If, you guys are following me back on 
Then,  you will have an idea about this post of mine. 
few months back i was approached by ECS media, to help them in one of their issue 
for ECS LIVING - Dashain Issue. 
where, I had short listed stylish individuals from different fields.

Later on, was approached to do  10  Dashain outfit Look. 
Isn't that Great ?? 
As i got featured in 4 pages & 10 pictures of 10 different outfits in response to 10 days of Dashain Festival

Would be very happy to read your feed backs & hope you all liked it... ... 

P.S. Thank you ECS Living for covering me in you Dashain Issue & the pictures are all from the magazine 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014



How was ya day today - gorgeous readers ??
 Am sure you had a lovely time today, if not no worries !!

Getting back on the post,
I would like to share my everyday look for Fall... ..
I just hope you all like it !!
nothing much to say I GUESS 


Shades - Jonna Vintage Sunglasses
Black Stud Boots- BBSM
Black Top - Ralp Lauren (Mom's wardrobe)
Watch - DKNY
Green Scarf - Pashmina 

BAT - GIRL  #FoolingAround

Till en ... ..
Keep blogging & stay safe



Tuesday, December 9, 2014



Am sure you all are doing good! 
Yes, am again missing out regular post as always.... ..
Lets get back to the topic 
Many things are happening in this month so am uploading some information  .... .. 
Oh yes 2015 is just around !

Food, Music & Movies 

Trisara (Garden of Heaven)

If i am not wrong its one of the most happening place to be at - enjoy good food , music and company of friends. They have recently opened a branch  to another awesome city of the Nation. Its at Lake side, Pokhara. Moreover, this month is they will be celebrating their 3 anniversary. 
Would like to wish -  Happy anniversary Trisara !!

Nepal music Festival 

Nepal Music Festival' - a volunteer run culture and music festival, in a celebration of hope transformation and peace- highlighting both international as well as Nepalese musicians.  their initiatives is to promote the sustainable Development of Nepal, from the people and for the people 
#Doesnotit_sound_cool ??

 And more over the festival itself is  non - profit with proceeds going into a foundation" Nepal Social Entrepreneurship Foundation" which will contribute to promote progressive Social Entrepreneurship initiatives in Nepal. Here

KIMFF (Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival )

Well, KIMFF is the only festival of its kind of Suez, brings to Kathmandu Valley some of the most recent and exciting films about mountains, mountain environment, mountain cultures and communities from  various corners of the world.  Here

Ncell PurpleFest

Its the  fest organized by Ncell. And  its the annual event , this time its happening at Dasharath Stadium , Kathmandu, Nepal. This year, India's standup Comedy King Kapil sharma and melodious SonuNigam will share the stage with our home celebrities - Sugam Pokharel, Yama Buddha, Jitu Nepal and Wilson Bikram Rai. Here

New Arrivals , Make up  & Events 

PhatGirl Apparels

This a very new stored opened at Civil mall sundhara, Kathmandu, at 3 floor Shop no:3. This is store opened in collaboration with Taiwanese local brand named PhatGirl Apparels,  I would say they have some really cool, chic, Street style, stuffs. I would suggest you all to make a visit once .Here 

NYX Cosmetics

This another international cosmetic product after ISADORA, which will be launch soon this month. And our very own Gorgeous Miss Nepal 2002 MALVIKA SUBBA will be introducing the product and also be the brand ambassador. Here 

Hope this post informed you about ..
 things  that are taking place this month
Till en ... ..


P.S. most of the information are taken from their fb pages & updates

Saturday, November 22, 2014



As I had informed you all in my earlier post
"In Those Ripple Of Threads "
(Just if you have not read it...)
Now, lets get back to the post, This post is a short detail info about TPJ Fashion Show.
A Fashion Show .... 
Actually a  combo of  Fashion - Jewelry Show 

Basic Info :

It means - Timeless Paragon Jewelry - Fashion Show

TPJ - Fashion Show of / by ?
By Classic Diamond Jewelry

Where's Classic Diamond Jewelry  Store??
Classic Diamond Jewelers, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

Any other Branch??
Newroad, Kathmandu
(Which was inaugurated by Sushmita Sen on  16 Nov, 2014 )  

EMCEE - MISS NEPAL 2002 Malvika Subba
Event Info:
Is it happening for the first time ?
 Nope, Its the 3 Season of TPJ- Fashion Show  by Classic Diamond Jewelers

When - Date ?
14- 15 November 2014
(yes 2 day event)

Hotel Del' Annapurana, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu

Choreographed by ??
Rehan shah
(To know more about him, Rehanshahs )

Show stopper for the Night ??
Well, she's non other - Miss India / Universe SUSHMITA SEN

Who were the official designers for the main event ?
They were, 
Kushbu Dangol & team :Oodhni
Tenzin Tseten Bhutian (I think so- Confused)  & HOF (House Of Fashion)

Who were the Official MUA ???
Sakil Kunwar , Bidhisha Shakya  & Sophie Sunuwar

Yes... Yes..
They are ONE  who made every girls on the ramp look stunning in those  Lovely outfits & Jewelry.

How many fashion sequence ?
Well, 4 sequence  
which was followed by a Newari culture musical show

Fashion Sequence Like ?
1.  "Cocktail  attire"  by Oodhni 
2. "Formals, Everyday Attire" by HOF
3. "Saari Gown " by Oodhni
4.  "Bridal" by Oodhni

SHRISTI SHRESTHA (in blue) , ASMEE SHRESTHA (fin golden & red ) & CAROL GRACIAS (in brown & red)


Well, it indeed a fantastic Fashion show
(For me Till date)

And for more pictures and selfie can drop by at my Instagram Profile  Swankyrana

Hope you all enjoyed the post .... ...
Till en 

Photo Courtesy: Rupesh Shakya (dai)

Monday, November 17, 2014

R.A.M.A.A.I.L.O. D.I.N


Work mode ON , not exactly for me - Though !
Week days just SUCKS as its all about - work work work ...

 I had lots of fun, catching up with friends,  some cups of americano  & cappuccino, going  different store at alleys' of Durbar marg area.
RAMAAILO DIN is actually a Nepali translation of FUN DAY 
Well, I did not find that exact thing, which I was actually looking around 
Hope I get it by December !!

I really like this small open place of Mercentile Plaza, as it does not has any 
Hustle & Bustle of  Durbar marg street .... .

 I also look forward to own a outfit from Panache runway in future #Someday
Despite of that wish of mine,  It was indeed a  #RamaailoDin


Shades - Jonna Vintage Sunglasses
Oversize Cardigan - Mom's wardrobe 
Black Stud Boots - BBSM
Black Top - Ralph Lauren
Ring -  Prouds
Woolen Muffler - Gift
Cross Body Bag -  Colette 

Hope you had a #RamaailoDin where ever you all were !
Till en ... ..

Photo courtesy: Ankeeta

Sunday, November 16, 2014



Hope you all are doing good and had a superb weekend. 
I have been  missing regular updates ....
 Apologies for that !!

  Well I had a lovely weekend as  Finally this year I got to attend
TPJ Fashion Show of Classic Diamond Jewelry 
 Yes...  Yes ... 
TPJ Fashion Show Season3guess who was the show stopper for this event, this year.. .. 
 It was non other then,
Miss universe / Miss India 1994  - SUSHMITA SEN 
(She was the first Indian to win that crown )

If I am not wrong this, the only Jewelry Show  I have heard about in large scale in Kathmandu.
Shall I  say in Nepali Fashion Industry. 
For now, I would like to limit this post to my attire for the event,some Selfies with  Gorgeous Diva & friends

With Smritii Dii & Gang 
I know we should wear cocktail dress & gowns in such events, as i wanted to be comfortable
 I chose-d to wear this outfit for the night. Anyway, 
I was happy to wear the ripple top for the event it had such a lovely ripple design with multi-colors and this i why I chose-d to wear it 
I was very confused what to wear, as i was not sure If I would get the passes or not a day before, 
Thanks to Malvika Subba Djuu, I got a pass as always !!


 Ripple woolen top - To The Nines (store)
Leggings - Atmosphere 
Clutch / Body cross bag - Colette
Watch - DKNY 
Accessories - Mom's 
Pastel Flat Ballerinas - BBSM

With Ongma  Di & Smriti Dii

Will be soon upload a new post upon the whole event ... .. 
Till en ... ..
 Keep blogging

Photo courtesy: Rupesh Shakya (Dai)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014



How have you all been lately?
 Hope you all enjoyed ya fullest during festival - with you favorite people around you ... ...

 festivals holidays are already over and i hate going back to the same old routine.
 Today, when I made visit to one of my favorite place- store at  Durbarmarg  &  I came across
one of my favorite Diva -  Miss Nepal 2012.
She's another Miss Nepal whom I look upon after Malvika Subba.
And I was very happy to meet her there - today
 It was my second time meeting her after a month - Though !!


After  meeting my favorite Diva- Shristi Shrestha  at Posh, 

went out to grab some yummy meal with my friends at 
Mezze By Roadhouse
Must say I really Liked the whole environment.
Please do make a visit !!

Hope you all liked this post .... ....
Till en ... ..


P.S. I got the last picture from the respective facebook page. Rest are taken by me !!