Sunday, August 24, 2014

IN OVERSIZED 80's & 90's


Yes, again am lost again - no proper regular posts 
Apologies for that !


This post says " 80's & 90's  " actually, an item that I wore is again  from my Mom's wardrobe !
My Old young lady does have really good stuffs .. .. 
every thing that she has in her wardrobe is so rich in color & style & every time i open up her wardrobe or visit her wardrobe section
  I am like - "Mom may i take this ...  may i take that... no ... this no that "

 leaving that thing apart ... ... 
 The outfit is a vintage chiffon leaves printed blouse , which can also be worn as a kimono !
Since its a bit,
  bigger - larger in size I rather prefer it the way I wore in this picture, rather then as a Kimono.. ..
"And my Old Lady bought this  between 80's & 90's so that's how this post is named "
 never know when & in which post i shall be posting about the same outfit as a kimono !!

I love my Dogs - with my two lil Naughty Trouble Makers !


 Pastel pumps - BBSM
Jeans - Denim Jeans
Sling / bodycross Bag - Clarks
Shades - Vintage Jonana
Blouse - Mom's Wardrobe

That's the whole stuff behind it ... .. 
 Hope you all are doing real good 
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Saturday, August 9, 2014



Hope you all doing real good. And am happy to know that, my last post on 
post was much help for all my Handsome Readers !! 

Again, am not regular with my post.  Despite of that, this post is about my recent visit to 
which is another world heritage site of NEPAL, 
which is very rich with handicraft wall , windows & palaces, temple & so on. If you are visiting Nepal its another, MUST VISIT place while you are travelling here in Nepal.
I went there with my cousins & well we had lots of fun .. ..

Here would like share some pictures of  how I spend my whole day at  Patan & its near places.

Krishna Temple 
Patan Meseum  is an old place which totally upholds great history,  culture and information ... ..
If you haven't then, do make a visit !

 I know i look kinda  bored and tired ... ...  well , I was kind off !

Blue Maxi dress - Atmosphere
Laced top - Mom's Wardrobe 
Pastel (Cream) sling bag - Colette by Colette Hayman
Green Bangles  

Hope you all enjoyed this post
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Friday, August 1, 2014



 This post is specially, only for my superb Men readers / bloggers. Many of my Guy friends as well as  well- wishers of my Facebook Page, asked me to write on HIM also. THIS ONE IS TO ALL THE GUYS - There !! Well, fall is just a corner away... .. monsoon is coming END. And the weather all set to make our body covered up clothes ...clothes .. clothes.  " Men looks real cool during winters then, compared to summer looks"-  Dang ! Well, that's how i feel. (No Hard feelings)

Jacket & Over coat

 Jacket - well that's something really which you can pull it off in every other events. Its simple & too easy to wear. Since,  Neon & bright colors are into Fashion would be great guys also  wear something loud { that does not mean you look like an orange ball }, but it isn't compulsory, if you are not that sort of guy who loves to wear colorful outfit go for darker shades like khaki  Green, Navy blue, Black , Brown & so on.
And yes if you are a leather fan enjoy this winter in LEATHER JACKET it never goes wrong ;)
You can also try out  some Woven Jacket, Bomber Jacket, Varsity or baseball jacket {its still in fashion this year.... .. but I would love to see guys in Bomber Jacket}.

Over Coat -  hm.... ... Over coats  are indeed plays a great role during insane WINTER WEATHERS.  I don't think so, I need to say anything, more about it. And if you are planning own one, then Single beast Coat is just too Good for this fall.   HELLO OVER COATS

Everyday Sweat shirts &  Sweaters

Everyday Sweat shirts -  It's more - warm form of  shirt / t-shirt . And good news you can wear it in any colors you like.  With just a jacket or  over coat in response to weather.

Sweaters - Sweaters or cardigans or pullovers , this is something you can wear it above the sweat shirts.  I would suggest you all to get a different sweater , if you are planning to get on. Just play with prints & colors as its sometimes good to try out new things.

Grunge &  Right pair of shoes

Grunge  Hello, Hello .... ... yeah grunge fashion seems to be fashion into fashion this fall. So just play it cool- comfortable & warm. Hello to Flannel Shirts !

Right pair of shoes ...... ( well, am someone who's more into shoes , bags & perfumes....)  SO guys no more loafers for this fall nor dingo.  Go try out those sexy CHELSEA  BOOTS !

 Camel & Dark wash Denim  

Camel  yeah the light color .... camel is more like a dessert color, which in fashion for this fall - to the fullest.  It gives a polished look to your whole winter outfit, but do stick with a basic color / shades.

Dark wash denim ... ... If you are a denim  person like me -  would like to say "KEEP CALM & WEAR DARK WASH DENIM".    Just because its winter doesnot mean we have to wear a black denim ,  wash denim looks more cool during winters, as it  good to wear Light colors during winters.

Hope this a much help.... ... 
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