Wednesday, September 28, 2016



Its feels so great writing new blog post, after such a super long gap. Its just I have had been so busy with personal things, that  got me so packed up for such a long time. 

Anyways shall, start blogging regularly from now on #hopefully. This post is about one of my Work Outfit post, which I had in my drafts but couldn't upload it sooner. I got this beautiful piece of KHAKI dress or shall I say TAUPE  colored dress from CHEEKY , which is just so pretty also has this masculine  touch on its top side of the dress that makes it - more spice to the entire outfit. I meant those Pockets. More over , to to avoid the neutral- ness  of this outfit , I tried to pair  up my outfit with touch of Black & Gold accessories.  As its the BEST thing to do when you are wearing a neutral color like this. 

Talking about my accessories - I just love this fringe cross body Bag from Accesories. Nepx, which I got as a gift from them -(They are such a sweets) , my flats are from Dulla shoes. As I wanted to be simple Yet chic I just tried to play it safe.... .... 


Maxi dress - cheeky store
Flats - Dulla shoes
Fringe bag - Accessories Nepx
Watch - DKNY
Sunglasses - Anthropose

Oh yes !
Guys you must get  Anthropose - they have these amazing shades which not only gives your eyes a pair of outstanding Sunnies but help you be a part of such a beautiful social cause ....FOR MORE
Cant wait to own another pair of it.

Hope you all liked this post !
Till en


PHOTO COURTESY: Chandra s. Magar (Ecs media)
LOCATION: Kupondol