Friday, September 26, 2014



If you have had read my last post,  you can get at idea about this post. 
 Anyways,  this my first post about a store named
Talking about the store, it an initiative of my friend, who is  also a student at 
IEC (a designing school) and few more months for her studies, and  she's the owner of the store 
but along with me  & another friend is also apart of the store.

The best part of our store is ... ... we have for all sex , sizes & age  (above 16 & below 40) 
That's something different, as in ktm most of  clothing has specific  sex or  age,
26 September 2014 , Friday 
we are now opened for you all


Floral Top - Reema's  Collection
Leggings -  Forever 21 
Watch - DKNY
Vintage FLoral Jacket -  To The Nine (Store's Collection)
Pastel Pump ballerinas - BBSM

Name of the store??

To The Nines

Location ?

owners ??
Reema Rai

Swanky Rana & Lemii Tamang

Dashain just round the corner and if you have not completed your shopping ... ..
 we would be very happy if you all could drop by at the store.

Till en .. ..

Photo courtesy: Rojan Rai (bhai)



How are you all ? I hope you all are doing - Good.
 And am back with some really good posts ... .. 
for now lets stick on this one.
  This post is about  a marriage gathering of our family friends, where i wore a traditional attire 
.... ....  ....... Any Guess ....... ... ..
yes ... Yes ... yes 
 I usually do not wear sarii, in every other family-friends, friends wedding or  functions
only in closed ones.

In this post have managed to get some clicks of the place, food and yes my outfit as well.

The deserts and  buffet dinner was good but i really like this place ,
the interiors are very much similar to my old house


If you have noticed it properly on my outfit  you can see me wearing a golden Belt on my waist.
Just adding up a different touch to my outfit !
Actually,it was MALVIKA SUBBA (Djuu) 
who inspired me for this look and I just gave it a try !


Sarii - India
 Accessories - Mom's  Gold & diamond collections 
Black wedge heels - Charles & Keith
Black Net Blouse
 Watch - DKNY
Golden belt -  Posh 

  Had been really busy in these 5-10 days, Marriages, work pressure,   festival around the corner   and yes 

Hope you to see you all at the store & enjoyed this post
 Till en 


Friday, September 19, 2014



This is something - I should have uploaded it earlier  ... ... 
  My lazy habits  - GOD !!
Lets Ignore that part 
 I hope you remember my earlier post on PATAN MUSEUM  - Here.

 Well, we went to FALCHA for to grab some yummy Newari Food !
Mint Lemonade

A set of Newari Dish  along with  Egg & Chicken Chatamari

 Yes !
 Those were some meals which we had at Falcha !
It was too yummy !
There are 3 branches of FALCHA  - 1 in  Jhamel , 1 in Basantapur (Jhoche) and 1 in Thamel


Wednesday, September 17, 2014



 Am wearing a Traditional Attire  Named - SARII 

 I had to update with this post before, but I forgot it AGAIN !
Talking about this attire - I am wearing a nylon sari which again , actually belongs' to my Late granny (Dad's Mom) 

 Am wearing this beautiful piece of  heritage, for a wedding.  
Wedding is something that excites me alot..  and its not less then any other festivals for me ... ...

Blouse -  Black Laced with velvet
Sari - Multi color Nylon Sarii ( Grand mom's )
Clutch - Mom's wardrobe
Bangles-   Pink 
Gold Accessories -  Mom's collection

You guys wouldn't believe it if i say,  I designed the whole  concept of this Blouse !

Hope you all enjoyed this post ... ..
 Till en ... 

Picture was taken at our kitchen's garden

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

T.U.E.S.D.A.Y. IN M &S


And this is what I wore for the event - Miss Global International 2014. It was indeed  good experience for me - as this was my first time in such types of events. To know more about the event HERE.

As the event was early evening (3 pm), and had to head there right from my work & I did not have enough time to change. So, I teamed my whole outfit with a combo of Silver , Maroon & Black. I guess its sometimes fun to play with colors !! 

Maroon Jeans
Silver Oxfords - DULLA Shoes
Tote Bag- Micheal Kors (Gift)
Boyfriend Blazer - Atmosphere 
Silver top - Mom's wardrobe
Watch - DKNY (Gift) 
Pendent - Boudha 

Well, I also got a chance to take a picture with very beautiful ladies during the event ... ...
Happiness over loaded !!

"Ma'm I envy your Height & you looking so gorgeous" was the first thing that  i said her before we took this picture !!
(LOL - stupid me !!)

(SHE  is who inspires... motivates...a great example of beauty with brains - she is Malvika Subba )

And yes please go through the link (HERE) to know more about the event !!
Hope you all Liked this  Look  & post !!
Till en .... ...
Thank you Reema for the photos !

Miss Global International 2014


If, you are following up my Insta-gram & Facebook Page, then you  will know more about  this post.   No worries, even if you have not followed me . Well, Today I attended a social event  - BEAUTY PAGEANT organized by  Model Global Visas Consultancy.  And I attended, this event with my friend.

Let me aware you in short about the event, where I went today.

As you already you was a beauty pageant organized by Model Global Visas Consultancy, and this was its 4th event. And there were really beautiful girls with a total of 25 after  a long process of shortlisting. (If I am not wrong). It was organized at Nepal Army club, Sundhara, Kathmandu and the program started around 3:00 p:m (me & my friend was a bit late - as we caught up in a traffic). Different Individuals from different sector were invited as guest and  judge

Mr. Paras Khadka , who is currently a captain of Nepal National Cricket Team, was the main Chief Guest of the program as well as the brand Ambassador of Model Global Visas Consultancy.  Former beautiful Miss Nepals' Ruby Rana Shah and Shristi Shrestha graced the whole event with their presence as judges along with CEO of  NB bank, representatives from Nzma and some more (could not remember- Apologies).

The MCs of the whole event was done by  Supriya Tuladhar and  Sanjay Gupta. Mamta Gurung Joshi  (Designer) was the  person who made the participants look pretty,  Sakil kunwar was the make - up artist of the event. Astha Raut sang some really lovely songs.  And Last but not the least   former Miss Nepal MALVIKA SUBBA,  choreographed the whole event (I think it was he first time - well she did it really well ). 

And again - every thing has good and bad side... ..
  • First, I thought  some of the participants height was really short even wearing high heels well, people around me also shared the same stuff!
  • The participants looked really pretty in that red evening gown - but there were some designs  which  I actually did not liked at all (Personally)  And if it had been is some shimmer (a bit shinny) red it would look even better.
  • There was not proper seat management.

    Rest everything was good    

Congratulation to Beautiful Ladies who won  & hope you all enjoyed this post !!
Till en ... ..
Keep blogging 


P.S. Thank you Nirnit Tandukar & Reema for the pictures !!