Tuesday, December 27, 2016



Many things going around the corner as the year is coming to an end . Having said that, looks like , I have again ended up as irregular in my blog post. I wonder why & what has been keeping be so packed up with !!!
Now, I don't want to bore you guys up with some random excuses on my irregular posts on blog.
How about I tell you more about this post ....... ..
If you are my regular blog post follower then , you are aware of my crazy Love Affair with BLACK COLORED OUTFITS .... To those who are reading my blog for the first time, just want to aware you all to not to freak out if you see too much black in most of posts AS I just love  BLACK. Hahahaa!!
Well - that's one of my favorite colors despite White & Navy blue.

Now, lets get back to this post. the weather is getting crazy here, in Kathmandu - like seriously, its not like how it used to be before  - I mean it's December yet the weather is too confusing  too hot during the day n morning & late evenings are super freezing.  'Dark tones are for winter as said by fashion lovers and black is one of them " Hmmm.....  (for me its 365 days in trend )

Through, this post I want you guys to  know few basic things for FALL FASHION , Like do's & don'ts  - Must have's for Fall ....

  • Winter Fashion is all about getting warm, but that doesn't mean you wear tons & tons of clothes - c'mon Layering is not much trendy these season
  • Turtle necks are always in fashion & suits all shape and sizes so just wear them. Its too easy to pair them up with thigh high boots & jackets.
  • Leather jacket, Statement coat, Boots , Fur faux jackets , Parka jackets , Turtle neck tops are some must have outfits in your wardrobe this year of Fall.
  • Even bright colors are for Fall
  • A perfect pair sunglasses are must not matter what you wear.


Boots - BBSM 
Leggings - Primark Atmosphere 
Turtle Neck Top - Dressmandu(Tulip)
Hugo Boss shades - Option 
Earrings - Micheal Hill
Watch - DKNY

Do remember things, I have mentioned above and try them out .....
Wishing you all a very 
HAPPY 2017 

Hope you all enjoyed this post
 Till en 


P.C: Aayush Shrestha
Location: Old House Durbarmarg

Sunday, November 20, 2016



Winter is just around the corner, therefore, would like to share, this last summer days pictures & small incident  with you all. If you guys have been following me back in my other social media accounts like SNAPCHAT , INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK , by now you guys already have an idea about this post & this outfit.
IF not, no worries am write it all down......
for you guys!!

Back then, I was approached by my photographer friend, who calle dme up late night & asked me to help her out with a photoshoot. But not as a stylist but as a model..... ..
And like WTH  - get some one else , instead will help you up in styling  and the twist of the conversation was - The shoot starts up at 10 in the morning next day.  By the time we both were arguing n agreeing it was already 2am in the morning. And we both agreed upon not taking any of my facial shots,
At the end I turned up as model for a mattress Photoshoot ..... ..... ...




That's the whole story. Hope didnt bored you guys.  Talking about my look that day, I just had to stay neutral and stick to basic colors for the shoot. So I paired up my entire look into a MONOCHROMATIC look  with touch of pop out colors - like my Rajesthani clutch & mirrored sunnies from Anx. Nepal.


Clutch - Thamel 
Shades - Anx. Nepal
Culottes - Lane 88
Top - To The Nines
Shoes - Goldstar Concord 

Hope you all enjoyed this post
Till en 


Photo Courtesy : Chandra S. Magar (ECS MEDIA)
Location: Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha

Wednesday, September 28, 2016



Its feels so great writing new blog post, after such a super long gap. Its just I have had been so busy with personal things, that  got me so packed up for such a long time. 

Anyways shall, start blogging regularly from now on #hopefully. This post is about one of my Work Outfit post, which I had in my drafts but couldn't upload it sooner. I got this beautiful piece of KHAKI dress or shall I say TAUPE  colored dress from CHEEKY , which is just so pretty also has this masculine  touch on its top side of the dress that makes it - more spice to the entire outfit. I meant those Pockets. More over , to to avoid the neutral- ness  of this outfit , I tried to pair  up my outfit with touch of Black & Gold accessories.  As its the BEST thing to do when you are wearing a neutral color like this. 

Talking about my accessories - I just love this fringe cross body Bag from Accesories. Nepx, which I got as a gift from them -(They are such a sweets) , my flats are from Dulla shoes. As I wanted to be simple Yet chic I just tried to play it safe.... .... 


Maxi dress - cheeky store
Flats - Dulla shoes
Fringe bag - Accessories Nepx
Watch - DKNY
Sunglasses - Anthropose

Oh yes !
Guys you must get  Anthropose - they have these amazing shades which not only gives your eyes a pair of outstanding Sunnies but help you be a part of such a beautiful social cause ....FOR MORE
Cant wait to own another pair of it.

Hope you all liked this post !
Till en


PHOTO COURTESY: Chandra s. Magar (Ecs media)
LOCATION: Kupondol

Monday, July 18, 2016

L.A.Z.Y. S.W.A.N.K.Y.


Indeed been super long since my last post !
Its just have been so packed up with things & when am free am so Lazy to write a post.

Through this post, would like to request all my readers to approve my "Humble Apology for my Laziness"
Moreover, it monsoon in Kathmandu and its another weather which I just don't like at all , as it makes me more LAZY.  Now no more, TALK on my Laziness for sometime.....

Getting back to the post, Its about one of my work outfit or shall I term it up into as, one of those outfit I be at ease when I wear it - when am Lazy to doll up or dress up for work or for any other events....  
 As I wanted to be in super comfort level I wore these parallel B&W chromatic joggers from Posh, must say they are so comfy and  to  spice up the look I wore this  Pink E- sprit tee followed by my Tote Bag & concord Kickers. 

I think it's such a easy and comfy look that anyone can pull it off, for a causal day out with girlfriends
or going for gym  or  just me time at a coffee shop.


Tote Bag - Emerge
Joggers - Posh 
Kickers - Concord by GOLDSTAR
Tees - E - sprit
Watch - DKNY
sunglasses - Rayban Clubmaster 

Do drop your comments below about this , Lazy OOTD look of mine as your reviews help me explore & learn more. 

Hope you all liked it 
Till en 


Photo courtesy: Chandra Magar (ECS MEDIA)

Monday, May 30, 2016




 Watch - ALDO
Kickers - SKECHERS
Leggings - ATMOSPHERE 
 Sun glasses- RAYBAN (clubmaster)

This is actually what I wore at work & university class. These days am so obsessed with my  faux leather jacket and pair them up with every other outfit.  Since I didn't want to Look like MEN IN BLACK entirely, so, paired my pink & blue skechers and green shapeless bag to add some color and tone up the whole look.

Hope you all liked it 
Till en 


Photo courtesy: Prajwal Dai (ECS MEDIA) 

Saturday, May 7, 2016



Was suppose to post it way back but , thanks to my lazyness and unwanted busy schedules could not do it. 
Apologies BIG TIMES !

 Anyways getting back to this post, its about an outfit which nowadays am a big fan of , esp. culottes , never wore it before but now am a bit fond of it, as it so easy and chic !  Best part of culottes  is that they come in variety of fabric and you can pair it up with which ever top you want.
Back then, I had lots of meeting & events to attend that day at work and  wanted to look formal as well as beat the heat out of the increasing temperature of ktm, and ended up wearing an entire BLACK on BLACK outfit. No wonder black color / dark color outfits are big time saver, when you go through confusion.  So paired up my culottes with these black toned top & accessories.

Talking about meetings & events, I got a chance to an event which got me another chance to meet up Prabal Gurung  and know him more. Not only that, I finally have a good photo with him..... .. #toohappy  Well, the event that I had to attend an anniversary event press meet - was of his foundation i.e SHIKSHYA FOUNDATION NEPAL (Here) , it was a press meet event, which helped people know more about the foundation & work. (well, it helped me know more.... hope did the same to others who had attended the event)

Anyways, My happiness had no limits as I got another chance to meet him twice the same week  almost like the next day ? #fangirlmoment  oh yeah he did share our Selfie moment in his Instagram which I had re-shared it in my Instagram (Here)


Shades & fringes cross body bag - accessories Nepal
 Culottes - Lane 88
Flats - Dulla shoes
Watch - DKNY


  • A chiffon or any fabric culottes with silk tops or any causal Tees paired up with  good pair of flats or ballerinas.
  • Don't over do it  - too much print on print or neon colors and mix & match it might ruined the whole look 
  • Try to keep it minimal , simple

Hope you all liked this OOTD post !

 Of course,
 few details of SFN & Ma Movement  events shall be shared in my next post soon 
 which shall be only & only related to Prabal Gurung & his foundation 

 Till en ... 


Photo courtesy: Chandra Sijal (ECS MEDIA)
Location: Hyatt Regency, Boudha

Thursday, April 21, 2016

SYNOPTIC P.E.R.E.G.R.I.N.A.T.E. #swankyranatraveldiaries


So much to share, so much to inform but again am short with words. Its about my P.E.R.E.G.R.I.N.A.T.E. visit to these awesome place of Nepal, which I got to visit as my University Camp. Well, was out of town for almost 15 days, due to which no regular posts !


Well, I had to go out to valley for my university camp which was a mandatory field work criteria,  for my degree study. So this time I got to visit these lovely places of Sindhuli District - Madi and Bhiman  & Janakpur Dham,  which both come under the premises of Janakpur Zone .  I didn't know that these places uphold so much history esp.  Madi of Sindhuli about which hardly anyone has heard of or about it.

SINDHULI - Madi & Bhiman

Its such a beautiful place, about which I wasn't aware of... ..Though had heard this famous Sindhuli Gadhi song. I would call Sindhuli a semi terai & hilly state of Nepal which is home for many brahmin, chhetri, tamangs and rare indigenous group of people i.e HAYU. Its also home of holy temple named KAMALA MAIII  Mandir which has its own myths stories also a very famous pilgrimage place.

Madi upholds a very significant role in history as it was the place where Bristish soldiers with well equiped  weapons got defeated for the first time in Asia in 1767 A.D.
where as, its also the most developed Metropolitan city of Kamalamai , which has many school and colleges with higher education facilities compared to other districts after Kathmandu & lalitpur.

Bhiman is a place where Rana's of that time have made a palace when the people hardly had a stone house in that place. But, its sad that palace no longer exists' as due to lack of community people concern and unaware about the importance of its significance , the hit of earthquake 2015 has distroyed the palace and only few structures are left .

Its also home of indigenous group of people called HAYU. Though , this place doesnt have much historical monuments but its enrich environment and agriculture surrounding just makes you feel blessed , with its greenery , fresh air, and kamala river.

Some pictures of Madi and Bhiman

Our National Flag @ Sindhuli Madi
Playing around between Research & Data collections

KAMALA Maii Temple

Ofcourse, another beauty of Sindhuli is this must visit temple named Kamala Mai Temple, its on your way to Bhiman from Madi , which upholds a very important significance of superstitious belief - that everything you ask for it, the Goddess fulfills it. Lets see if My wish gets fulfilled soon - but , I dont remember what I had asked FOR  #mybad !!


A small town , which is now turned up into one of the most famous pilgrimage tourist destination of Nepal. Well, it's the birth city of Lord Princess Sita who was married to Lord Prince Ram of Aayodhya. Talking about Jnakapur Dham, had made a visit to this beautiful city years back, when Dad , Mom , I and couple of dad's friends used to visit  different places , which we used to termed it as  SUPER LONG drive ... Hahahahaaaa !!
Hope I dont sound chessy or cliche ! As, that's what it is. The locality of Janaki temple is very different to what it was before, many shops on either sides of temple compounds .
For more about this place JANAKPUR DHAM

TIPS for travelling these places:
  • April is the best season to  travel and visit these place (Sindhuli & Janakpur) as tose who dont have habit to Terai heat might have health issues.
  • If you visit before April you will get a chance to taste Nepal's best Mausam i.e. Citrus Limetta, its seasonal fruit and tastes super YUMM !!
  • Travelling is more fun in group , if you are single travelers shall also enjoy the same amount of fun but would suggest group!
  • Haat bazar is the best place to shop in small towns and cities of these place as you get awesome cool items / stuffs in super cool prices. 
  • Of course, when you visit Janakpur, esp . girls dont forget to buy those beautiful mud bangles, which are called LAAAHA if am not wrong.
  • A jacket is must as if it rains its environment turns out chilled . 
  • Of course, wear as light colored clothes or  comfortable clothes like me in the above pictures,  though am mostly dressed of black outfit. But, would suggest light colored clothes as the weather after 10 in both place is  quite hot.

A wrap for now, on my 15 days trip to these beautiful place.
Still more to wander
Hope you all liked this post
Till en ...


Photo courtesy: Shweta Bhandari, Rabindra Rawal, Sheela Bogati

Thursday, March 17, 2016



This post is more about OOTD Look, work outfit. I had to got to this launch event from work and I didnt want to look super formal. So planned out wearing this particular look.
I wanted to look simple yet chic,so I paired up my look with this F&F 's faux leather jacket to add a chic touch and also those ear drop turquoise gold plated earrings to give more edge touch to the entire look.


Accessories ( shades, ring & earring) - Accessories nepx
Leather faux Jacket - F&F
Jeans - Zara women
Bag Tote- Emerge
White cut out top - To the nines
 Watch - Aldo

Spring - finally!
I aint much of a summer person , as i prefer spring more then, summer ! What about you all ? I think spring is the best season to dress up . As its not soo hot nor too cold - just to the top weather.
Anyways, hope that you all are enjoying this season... ..

Hope you all liked this look
Till en ... 


Photo courtesy: Bikesh 
Location : Hyatt regency, Boudha

Sunday, February 28, 2016

90's R.O.C.K.I.N.G. 80's


I had planned on writing this post long time back - between fall.
Before I start I would like to ask you all a QUESTION - which one is your favorite era of Fashion?
The 60's - 70's -  80's - 90' or 20's - which is precisely the mixture of all era !
I just love  70's & 80's Vogue , for me they were the best era of Vogue! For me it was, these era of vogue which has brought some really cool style in the fashion world.  Those bright colorful over coats, double breasted jackets,  fur faux , tweed coats , floral hippie styled palazzo pants & jumpsuits, long golden & black gowns & many more... ... .. ...
If  I start up with the 70& 80's era of vogue I can go on ... and  on....

So lets get back to this post, where, I have paired up my entire black outfit with a touch of light grey long over coat, which had been in our coats & jackets wardrobe since ages.... Well, am not a overcoat or jacket person  but, everytime , I  saw that coat, I always used to take it out try it on and put it back.  But this fall I didnt do that , I took it out, tried it on & walked out with it!! And I think I just nailed it - with this look as per the reviews I got at my snapchat & video which I had posted in my Instagram profiles.

I wore this outfit, when my beautiful citys' temperature had fallen down to 1* (weather is just an excuse - hahahahaaaa!)

Anyways I wore it almost the same look 2-3 times at work and I dont mind saying I love repeating the same outfit - well not the very next day but at least after a day or 3.  Yes, this is a very piece of beauty which WE - me & mom have it in our coats and jackets wardrobe and this beautiful piece belongs to my mom which she  had bought it during her foreign visit and thanks to her age she doesn't remember where on earth she bought it - all she remembers is it was one of her work training visit , during her early 20's!


Kickers - Goldstar
Over coat - Mom's wardrobe
Watch - DKNY 
Black shawl or stool - Shree Pashmina

Ofcourse, I paired the whole outfit with my all time favorite kickers GOLDSTAR #swankylovesgoldstar and since i didn't want the whole outfit to look like Men in black  #ladyversion I paired the whole look with Light grey over coat , green faux top and my DKNY watch . 

I named the post 90's rocking 80's as I really didnt know if it would be appropriate to say 70's vogue. Guess, 80's cool !

I hope you all enjoyed this post 
 Till en ... . 


Photo courtesy: Chandra Sijal (ECS MDEIA)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016



I  wouldn't mind saying that my wandering habit had been very much affected by my everyday errands! Reality of life  - MY LIFE
Thankfully, during my visit to a fellow designers' studio at boudha , I got a a chance to RUNAGATE even though it was a momentary.  This is one of the Gumba / Monastery where my work colleague  had parked his ride and told me this used to be one of his favorite hangouts in boudha. After we made our visit to the designers' studio  we planned to spend some time at this particular gumba "SETO Gumba" if aint wrong !

Even the earthquake didnt spared this beautiful place - which is SAD! the main building was also affected by the earthquake , due to which it was closed, and I only got to take picture with its Tall Wooden Door, which had these beautiful colorful patterns. The surroundings were field with nature and calmness which indeed made this RUNAGATE a worthwhile for that moment of my stay.
We didnt palnned up staying for long but ended up staying at this place more then an hour or so,
Those sounds of monks prayers, birds , smell of in-scent sticks, ofcourse the beauty of nature with sun set view from the corner.... ..


Kickers - SKECHERS 
Tote Bag - Emerge
Shades - Ray ban Clubmaster
Watch - Aldo 
Hat - Ripcurl

Since its already spring, i just paired up my work outfit with black and touch of bright colors, i.e. my hat and kickers gave a spice to my black outfit ! Also I wore these cool pairs of kickers as I had to go visit alot of places in search of Props for phootshoot #lifeofastylist #swankyranaasstylist
I would like to recommend you all to visit this place once during you visit to boudhanath stupa. 

Am sure everything is going on great with you all ... .. 
As always have been very busy with things which am not sure why am I busy with - Anyways !

Hope you all enjoyed my momentary runagate post !
Till en 


Photo courtesy: Prajwal Maharjan (ECS MEDIA)

Friday, February 12, 2016

LET's S.K.E.C.H. #swankyranatraveldiaries


Apologies have not been able to write my blogs more often, As I  had planed !

Cant believe its already 2016 ! I traveled my heart out during the last few months of the year 2015 ... . hahahhaha!  Am sure you all know my trip to "THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM - MUSTANG" which is also known as " KINGDOM OF LO" .If you didn't know you guys can check out these links (HERE) or my Instagram (Here) which uphold every small details about my travel diary i.e. #swankyranatraveldiaries

Now, lets back to the post, I would like to share a small story which is a part of all my traveldiaries i.e. SKECHERS  a very famous American shoe brand sponsored or shall I say gave me one of of their awesome pairs of  skechers which,  I wore like hell, during my visit to the "SHANGRI - LA " 
And they just didn't gave any other pair of SKECHERS, but one of the limited celebrity inspired and was non other then "DEMI LOVATO for Skechers "  How cool is that, isnt it ?

On our way to upper mustang #swankyinLomanthang

Dumbaa Lake, Jomsom 
These all are some of travel photos with my super cool pairs of kickers from SKECHERS !  

I recommend you all to at least have a pair of skechers, they are really good people -  if you ask me am thinking to get another pair  of them. They have some really cool variety of collections for   Wo / Men of all age group (HERE).  Am thinking of getting a pair of Skechers' GO WALK  as I have to walk a lot, visit a lot of stores to search and find props for photo shoot. Go Walk is best for me as its specifically design as walking shoes and also comes in some really cool colors - yeah !! 


Hope you all liked this post and Thank you SKECHERS for these cool pairs of Kickers 


PHOTO COURTESY: Prem Gurung, Najin Gurung & Prity Gurung