Wednesday, December 23, 2015

ALMOST #swankyranatraveldiaries


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Photo Courtesy: Prem Gurung

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

R.A.N.I.P.A.U.W.A. #swankyranatraveldiaries


How did you all find my last 2 travel blogs ?? 
I hope you all liked it and was quite helpful for you all 

This shall be my 3 travel post about my journey near to the Himalayas
My 3 destination after  KAGBENI

Where is RANIPAUWA ??
Its one of the  small town on the trials of  upper mustang , after kagbeni and jharkot, which also happens to be a religious destination for both Hindus & Buddhist

Is RANIPAUWA also known as MUKTINATH ??
Yes, its also known as MUKTINATH as per the name of the temple, RANIPAUWA is also known as Muktinath area

Does this place holds any importance ?
Yes, it does people. its one of the holy places for both Buddhist & Hindu Pilgrims across the world and has respective stories about this place.

These bunch of lovely souls #travelbuddies 

From here, we went for next destination - CHUSANG small town before our main stop of our Journey  

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Photo courtesy: Prem Gurung & Prity Gurung

Sunday, November 29, 2015



In this post I would like to share my small portion of work after earthquake.
Yea more like - Post quake work !
My work as stylist  #swankyranaasstylist 

Well, this post is a short detail about my recent work as stylist ... 
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P.S. all these pictures are taken after the consent of photographers of ECS 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

K.A.G.B.E.N.I. #swankyranatraveldiaries


Are you all ready for another travel post 

This shall be my second travel post about my journey near to the Himalayas!
My second destination  after J.O.M.S.O.M

What exactly is KAGBENI??
Its a small village which lies on the trails of  upper mustang, which is located in the valley of river Kali Gandaki

What exactly is this place about ?
Oh well,
Kagbeni is one of famous religious destination which holds strong spiritual and religious beliefs  both  Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage devotees

What kind of religious activities ??
Kagbeni is mostly know as a place for those devotees who come their and worship in the name of the decreased individuals of the family.
It's said and believed that, if you worship here in thier name their spirit shall get MUKTI  / MOKSHA. Devotee perform rituals like "Tarpan" and "Saradha" in the name of decreased family member.

Hope you all liked this post & planning up to make a visit soon 
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

L.E.A. - N.I.M.


This is what I wore at my work #swankyranaworkoutfit
Iwas so confused, thinking about my workoutfit, am sure every girls through this situation every time
hahahaaa !
I wanted to wear denim as well as something black & after a small confusion, I ended up wearing this
what do you this guys ??

If you are my regular reader by now you know how much I love wearing denim and black outfit.
These two (Denim & all black outfit) outfits are  must have in everyone's' wardrobe, they are best outfit to style up, when ever you are in doubt!
 Just paired up my denim over denim with a touch of my sisters' leather biker jacket !

Not so ready for the click pose !
Ripped denim boyfriend jeans - Posh
Vans - Vans outlet civil mall
Leather biker jactket - sisters' wardrobe
Watch - DKNY

How many do you guys go .... .. umm ... um... situation thinking a post name ?
I go through that phase everytime, I plan to write a new blog
hahahhaha !!
This time I tried to play smart ,  just used the First & last 3 letters of
L.E.A.T.H.E.R. & D.E.N.I.M.  = L.E.A. - .N.I.M.
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PHOTO COURTESY: Avash Shrestha 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

J.O.M.S.O.M. #swankyranatraveldiaries


Welcome to my first ever travel post 
Am adding up my travel updates as well in my blog , to make it look more lively and also to aware my readers How beautiful my Nation is ... 
My Nation .. My Country .. My Nepal #ournepal #nepaleseNepal

Getting back to the post,
I went for a week trek to the upper & lower hills... some where near to the Himalayan belt of NEPAL
I went to lower and the upper mustang for a week with an amazing group of individuals 
(7 of us in total),before the annual biggest festival i.e. VIJAYA DASHAMI

Since, we had limited time & keeping in mind the very new unwanted political problem i.e. fuel crisis  and syndicate 
we decided to take a flight to jomsom
Yeah .. JOMSOM 
a small town which is actually the main gateway which take you to the beautiful valley of  M.U.S.T.A.N.G.

The bridge that divides Jomsom into WAAARI & PAAARI JOMSOM
Syndicate? What is that ??
Yes syndicate.
In general, syndicate is a committee of syndics who follow their individual rules and regulations.
Its noramlly run by groups of individuals or organization to promote a common interest.
And If you are travelling to JOMSOM  you must not forget about Syndicate

Is syndicate applied while taking road ways or flight ??
Oh well, 
Syndicate is applied to road ways specifically, as ,  the moment you begin you journey  by road from Beni bus park you have to follow the syndicate rules and the outcome of rules is that you have keep on changing  local vehicles i,e bus  .. jeeps 
but yeah... .
 you can ride your own mountain-bike & motor- bike  if you pay some amount to the syndicate office(Well, am not aware about the amount thing though)

Whats so different about Jomsom??
The most different part about Jomsom would be , despite being a place as a whole , its area is identified or differentiated by a small bridge  which is just above Kaligandaki river

Jomsom is divided into 2 part 
The airport side  area is known as Waari Jomsom where as the  side from where you take rides for upper mustang is known as Paaari Jomsom
And thsi all due to syndicate rules & regulations , which are strictly followed by the people of Jomsom  or shall I say People of mustang.
ALLEY of paari Jomsom
Another odd thing about JOMSOM ??
 Things that happens in other-side of the Jomsom area,  the another side does not has any right to pin point or raise any question against it. 
 All thanks to the syndicate !
(when i asked the local people)
What do you get in Jomsom ?Souvenirs ?
You get every thing, normally, people tend to buy different stuffs like - Jimbu , Mustang apples , Dry apples, Wallnuts, Buckwheat, Beans, Marpha Brandy these are the local products . And its the main shopping destination for travelling who travel the upper belt of mustang
i.e. Kagbeni, Muktinath, Chusang, Lomanthang
{As another shopping destination is a small souvenir shops at Marpha village, which comes before Jomsom }

How expensive is the hotels or lodges at Jomsom ?
I would say its not so expensive, they normally charge  RS, 500 - above  for a night
but, prices differs for Nepalese & Foreign tourist (reality check)

Food ? types??
You can get any type of food you want to eat, like Thakali set, Nepali khana set, continental meals, chinese, Italian  & so on. You will have lots of options as its one of the tourist attracted areas/ destination so you wouldn't have problem with food.

Expensive ??
well again,
they have different prices for local & foreign tourist

What the other thing you need keep in mind after syndicate rule ??
Time is very particular while you are travelling to mustang area .. if you plan to travel through local transportation.
You can hire private jeep  but its only good if you have a group of 6- 8 or 12 individuals
as normally the Jeeps in this area has 10 -12  passenger seats
 so when you hire the jeep and you are just 6  then you might have to pay for 4 more individuals.
(Not done ?? well that how it works there)

How much do you have to pay normally ??
Per person you have to pay Rs 400 - above according to the location you want to go

Hope you all liked this post .. 
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Friday, November 6, 2015



This post is a a short review post of an event that took place in September, 2015. 
The event was not any other then, the 3 season of BLENDERS PRIDE STYLE NIGHT (BPSN)

Yes 3 season 

The first 2 season was followed up by beautiful  designers/ blogger Antee Gurung (HERE) and upcoming designer Siwangi Pradhan.

What is BPSN??
 Blenders Pride Style Night  in short gives a platform for designers to showcase their designs 
help us to get connected with the latest trends, designs of our fellow designers

Is it a fortnight or annual event??
 BPSN happens in every 3 - 4 months 

Where did it happened this time ?
It happened at Moksh, jhamshikhel 

Who was this seasons' designer ??
This season's designer was none other then, very talented, creative, popular designer of  K-town fashion industry

Where, he showcased 2 new collections 
MC: Subexya khadka  in one of Tenzin  Bhutia's design 
First sequence : CLOCK 9

The CLOCK 9 collection 
must say it was very chic, sexy, glitzy dresses

Tenzin Bhutia with Showstopper Neelum Chand

Second sequence: BRIDAL COUTURE  

The BRIDAL COUTURE collection 
was glitzy yet simple

its time for the over all event review, which includes, models, designer, the places .... 
in short everything !
  • I think only limited people were aware about the event
  • Of course the event started way too late, almost after  1 hour 45 mins, well, they said it was due to the Rato Machindranath Jatra at pulchowk. 
  • The seat plans were not well managed, 
  • Something I really dont get, is Why does everyone( MAKE UP ARTIST) here in Nepalese Fashion Industry think the only work of MAKE UP ARTIST is just to put on some make up and a hair bun is all for any other fashion show ??? 
  • Like, seriously - despite such a lovely outfits and design its the make up & hair style that add ups the charm of the whole show !  (MUA - please watch FTV, if you want some more idea & want to stand out )
  • Yes, I do agree, that, the budget in fashion industry for fashion show is very less compared to those of fashion show which is held in foreign land, but, that doesn't mean they cant afford to buy good looking beautiful shoes for the model.
  • Most of the fashion show that I have attended so Far , every model wear different kind of shoe , yes size differs but,  some wear platform, some wear wedges & so on heels. From what I see that make the show look very different and some time Blaah !

    I hope people of Nepalese fashion industry get that
How have you all been doing, lately ??
Hope everything is going great ..... ..

Hope you all enjoyed this event review post !
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A.L.M.O.S.T. .F.A.L.L.


Yes .. yess ... 

 Its been really long , have been missing out post... .. 
its just am busy with lots of things
Just got back yesterday !
Hope you all have a lovely time with you loved ones during the festive week

For now lets stick to this post. 
The month of OCTOBER is almost coming to an end  and the weather is getting more chilled in morning and evening...
  #notreallylikingit #hatewinters 
 Today was out with cousin for lunch  to place named Le Trio at Durbarmarg
which actually is a branch restaurant 
is very much famous for its momocha jholay mo:mos (dumplings)
If you are fond of mo:mo would recommend to make a visit once.

oh yes they also serve some really good & refreshing drinks in Mason jar (glasses)
must say these jars are getting really trendy in most of the dinning places across some or other dine places of Kathmandu and Lalitpur area... ..

Le trio's jholay momocha & Caesar salad


Leather jacket - F21 (Uk)
Colorful Blouse - F&F 
Watch- DKNY
Black Ballerina Flat - To The Nines
Shades - Rayban Clubmaster

Earring - Metaphor 

Swiss Frappe & strawberry shake drinks

 Oh yess !
 Thank you all for your direct messages in my FB page and instagram direct asking me about my recent travel - travelling
 I shall write soon about it guys

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LOCATION: Le Trio , Durbarmarg
These pictures might be bit blur/ less quality as the resolution is a bit less as it was taken by phone.. #apologies