Thursday, May 29, 2014



Hope everyone remembered the following picture 
Sandra Bullock wearing PG  Resort 2014 for Golden Globe Awards
(Taroni Silk Full skirt Gown With Banded Waist)

And right after this, i guess full skirt got back into fashion (do correct me if m wrong)
In this post would like to share some
DO's & DON'T's of Full Skirt

Pic 1: Basic with  prints can never go wrong but again always choose a color or pattern you can carry it otherwise, you know when one isn't comfortable WHAT HAPPENS

 Pic 2: Basic  Black & White, i don't think so i have to say anything about it, IT WAS .. IT IS ... WILL ALWAYS BE IN FASHION

Pic 3: Laced &  color-block with patterns,  Not a bad look to give it a try, and  if we do it properly it surely is a Bang !

Pic 4:  See Through Full skirts, this skirt will definitely give the whole outfit a new touch, with its see through to a minimal level , which will make an individual look sexy  yet elegant.

Pic 5: Neon is still On People, I don't think so I have any right to say anything about this look, Its just Too Good.  If, you love neon trend & colors do try such a a look & make the crowd turn !

Hope you all liked this post...
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P.S I do not own any of these pictures.

Sunday, May 25, 2014



Went out with my girl, after our  uni classes...
finally my uni days are coming to an end

The post more likely, informs about 

rolled up jeans or pants are always fun to wear & walk around
rise up or rolled up pants fashion are for all sex (No offense)


Shades -  RiverIsland Blue Clubmaster
Brown Flats - Dulla Shoes
Jeans- Denim Jeans
Grey Top -  Mom's wardrobe
Jacket - Atmosphere
NewYork Bag - F mirror (online website) 

It was fun clicking pictures on the road... ... then on foot path 

Hope you all liked my last post , 
 MEN SS 2014 
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Photo Credit: Dela Joshi

Thursday, May 22, 2014



Blame it to my laziness... couldn't had this post earlier...
many handsome readers asked me to write something for MEN  fashion
here's it...
checked different fashion & runway shows and posts 
but i got busy with my own stuffs so this time m updating this post on the basis of 

1. Double-Breasted Blazers

How To Wear Them: Sparingly. Double-breasted blazers are hard to pull off, and if the cut is too baggy, they can look like a bad '80s vintage find.
"It should be tailored short in the body and fitted well around the waist, so I would only recommend it for those well-versed about style and fit

2. Patterned Jackets

How To Wear Them: Expect to see lots of different printed jackets this year, from plaid to floral. Even camo will make a resurgence.
Pair a patterned jacket with solid-colored shorts or pants. If you're style savvy, throw a contrasting print in the mix with a button-down shirt.

3. Printed Pants

How To Wear Them: Printed pants have been really popular in women's fashion for the last few years, and now they're inching into the men's market.
Use the same rules as printed jackets and keep things minimal. Also make sure your pants are well-tailored so they don't end up looking like you wore PJs to the office.

4. White Suits

How To Wear Them: All-white suit combos were popular at a wide range of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week shows, including the edgy Diesel Black Gold, the eccentric Billy Reid, and the preppy Black Sheep by Brooks Brothers collections.
The trick with wearing all white is to make sure textures contrast to keep it from becoming tacky: a white cotton shirt looks good with a linen suit, a white t-shirt balances out a silk jacket, etc.

5. High-Rise or Rolled Pants

How To Wear Them: Choose a pair of pants that fit you well, put on some awesome sneakers or boat shoes, and just go for it.
Of course, this style works better with casual pants like chinos and jeans than with suit attire, so keep that in mind.

6. Color-Blocked Shirts

How To Wear Them: Whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, color-blocked patterns are a casual and preppy look for this spring.
Treat these like your new classic black t-shirt and wear them with all your favorite pants and shorts.

7. Bomber Jackets

How To Wear Them: By far the biggest trend from New York Fashion Week was men's bomber jackets. Whether they're leather, color-blocked, wool, or athletic, these jackets go with everything.
When you go shopping for one, make sure the sleeves don't hang past your upper wrist, and that the coat has a slim silhouette to keep it from looking too much like a bulky Letterman jacket.

Hope this was a help for my handsome readers ...
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Read more: Business Insiders & i do not own any of these info & pictures.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014



If am not wrong, many girls love skirt &dress and spring & summer is a perfect weather to wear them.
This post has some lovely New Arrival collection of

OUTFIT NO:1 Late Night Summers 

A perfect outfit for hangouts at night. 
You can either wear this outfit at fashion events, late night party or in any other functions.
Dress has a simmer gold one shoulder top and beautiful pastel net skirt.
out fit is paired up with golden stilettos heels, silver earrings and watch.
you also pair up this outfit with black heels if, you are like ME .
(as i give to much imp. to basic colors)

OUTFIT NO: 2 Classy in Lace

Dress is perfect to show one's body curves, as lace is an open work fabric & pattern.
its a perfect outfit for both work  & causal day out with friends.

It is a knee length dress with a beautiful back open, you can pair it up with any type of heels or ballerinas.
You can also add up a jacket / blazer if you are wearing it at work place. 
(only if you are comfortable to wear it at work place)

OUTFIT NO: 3 Beautiful in Pastel Cutout
pastel color are still in fashion and if you have one, would suggest you to wear them.

Hope  you all liked and enjoyed this post .. .. 
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Photo Credit: Smriti Bajracharya 
Model : Dela Joshi

Monday, May 12, 2014



Weather is indeed too hot to handle...
these days
Too hot weather is  too hard to handle ... ...
so we went to swimming 

Me & Navu djuu posing for car selfie during our way to Park Village
Love her to every bit ... 

High wait Bikini swimsuit - Posh 
Laced see through - Mom's wardrobe
shades -  Jonana Vintage
Bracelet - Masala beads (Thamel)

This is how we enjoyed our day in the pool .... 
Park Village is my favorite place to be in during summers.. ... 
its one of those places which upholds many beautiful & esp memories of  my life .. 
Till en ... ..
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Thursday, May 8, 2014



In this post, its related to my earlier post, 
as the very next day after we went to 
for more travelling... .. 
It's another most happening city of the Nation.

This is a very famous Manage Monastery build up by People from Manag along with some foreigner help ...
I guess, Apologies it forgot !
But this was my first visit & must say the place was really  good..
filled with Natural ... Spiritual vibes  
 the insane hot weather...

These pictures are from my visit to Korean Monastery 
which is also known 
 Seto Korean Gumba
you can either go to this place either boat riding at Fewa lake 
by road up on the hill ...  

With a beautiful views & walk on the streets of  Lakeside Pokhara 
 in this way my travelling came to an end !
Hope you all liked it... ... 
 Till en ... 
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014



I was out for a week with my family.
wasn't ready but, its good to go with the flow of time ... ...
Isn't it ??

Had been to  the only desert between the Himalayan rang.

Breath taking views of Mother Nature ... .. 
Mustang is said to be the only Desert area of our Country... ..

Spiritual belief  if you ever happen to visit 
Muktinath Temple 
do make your future stone homes like  I did .. ... 
 made stone homes for each & every family member of mine ... ... 

Navy Jacket - Lee cooper 
Sneaker Shoes - BBSM
Navy Velvet leggings -  Durbar marg
Maroon shawl - Pashmina shawl
shades - River Island  

Its good to have fun on Highways ;)

Till en ... .. 
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