Monday, January 26, 2015

B.L.A.C.K.E.D. OUT - I.N. L.A.Y.E.R.S.


 this picture was taken  few weeks back, but was not able to post due to some reasons...
I think  this look can be the perfect look for late F/W as well as for early Spring.
I am a big fat Black person... .. I just love this color
If you have been following me, you must have seen me in lots of black outfits, paired up with some or the other colors... .. 


Sleeveless Leather Jacket - Posh
Long cardigan -
Shades- Vintage Jonna Glasses
Stool - Pashmina
Leggings - Atmosphere
woolen top - Nepal wool house
Watch - DKNY

I just hope you all are following me in other social media sites, if not here you go ... ..
You can wear this outfit for your day to day wear, for a concert, to hang out with friends & so on... ..

Oh yes !!
Have planned something for February, hopefully you all will like it .... ...

Hope you all liked this post !!
Till en ... ..


Photo courtesy: Feature Studio (Prakat Khatri)
Location:  Timmur

Sunday, January 25, 2015



How have you all been?? 
hope you all had a lovely weekend !
This is an OOTD post, to be exact, this is  what I wore for work Today.
I have had lots of meetings for the upcoming shoots & everything and this what I wore,
I just love Black color, what ever the season is & in this outfit i have paired it up with Magenta color overcoat, pop of color gives a bit of Feminine Feeling, just love this Feminine Feeling !!

A bit simple, pop of color & warm outfit for Spring !!

Pictures are bit blur, to adore it as we had a shoot in jus few mins and had to take all these pictures, If ain't wrong we took these pictures within 5Mins.
which was not so easy- Though


Magenta overcoat - To the Nines
Sunglasses - Rayban
Leggings/ Jegging - Atmosphere
Black Stool - Pashmina
Black boots - BBSM
Watch - DKNY
Earrings - Colette collection 

Oh yes !!
From today, Its officially, Spring here in NEPAL!!
Happy Basanta Panchamii to all !!

I just Love... Love.. Love ... SPRING !!
My favorite season of all ... ... 

Hope you all liked this post.
Till en... .. ..


PHOTO COURTESY: Prajjwal dai (ECS PIX Dept.)

Monday, January 19, 2015



I have  mentioned in my recent post, where I have talked about my photographer colleague
 who took my pictures between the shoots !!
Just to clear all your doubts, 

Recently, I have had been approach by one of my one of the Leading media house, 
any guess ?

 As an intern as stylist {coordinator} at ECS MEDIA

Isn't that great?
 Finally, I got a right filled to show how much i love fashion, my own taste & style.

 { Again thsi mixed feelings & emotions are making me confused -  academically an a Social work Student who just love Fashion }

Though i was not able to upload a new post about my work  in my blog, but i have had shared them in my instagram account (Here) 
 {Hope you all are following me back in my official site of  {FACEBOOK &  INSTRAGRAM}

am posting some pictures of my style layout for  ECS Friday'  issues, 



Please do write your views towards in the comment box, 
below !!

And Pic 2 &3 are from the same issue... ..
Last picture,
is from the upcoming  January Issues of ECS Living  (Behind/ between shoot),
were I was busy taking selfie the our very own talented home band Lead Guitarist &vocalist -
Mr. Sharad Shrestha  (from band named-  Tumbleweed)
Plays really good & I just love this Tattoos ;)

 Hope you all liked it 
Till en...


Sunday, January 18, 2015



HAPPY 2015 !

Hope you all have been doing really good & my blogger friends are blogging regularly-
Am irregular again !
 This time I have a genuine reason, why i was not to blog- well, was out with my family and  didn't take my laptop, where, I have had, thought to write my post in my phone and upload through it, but MY BAD !!
 Low quality  of picture, phone camera not working out properly & shits -  made me, wait for till i get back home & write it down. But i was very much updated in my INSTA-GRAM  HERE-
Hope you guys are following me ??

Finally , AM back and am writing you this post - 
My FIRST 2015 POST !!

If you are a from Kathmandu & from Nepal fall is still not gone !!
There are 4 different outfits that I wore it again & again this Fall 2014/15. 
For now, lets stick with this post. 

I think I wore this Green Tartan coat  & DULLA BOOTS' more then 10 times  nah.. nah.. i guess 15 !
(Okay, I dont remember )
Hope you are clear about this POST #Now


BOOTS - Dulla Shoes
Navy leggings - H&M 
Black Long cardigan -  M&S
Maroon Stool / shawl - Pashmina 
Green Tartan Coat - Grannys' wardrobe
Folding wafers - Rayban

I had had to wear this coat which actually belongs to my granny (Moms' Mom) as I thought I would not need much clothes and had just took my Fur Faux jacket & Parka jacket #Mybad 
My granny gave this coat to wear it and ignore the chilled winter mornings & evenings.

 That's the story behind this coat & now she has passed it down  to me ... .. 
Hope my cousins don't  get JLOS!
Hahahahaa ... .... ..

 And this pictures are taken by My Photographer Colleague from work between the shoot with a very a tlented person, which,  I shall share it with you all in my next post. 

Till en.. ..
Hope you all enjoyed this post.
Photo courtesy: Amar 
Venue: CLUB 25 hrs & Attic