Saturday, March 4, 2017



Happy weekend to you all .... .. 

Again struggling to be regular but this time I seriously have some really  GOOD reasons- to say why am not regular with my posts !! Hope my words doesnt sound weird while you guys are reading this post ! 

Even if it does , Apologies I dont have time to EXPLAIN - just kidding !
You guys are the reasons behind who I am known Right Now in the society as the blogger - Swankyrana or stylist - Swankyrana and for which I just cant stop thanking you all for all your love and support you guys have provided it to me so far. 


The Good reason behind my irregular post is ... is I am working as the official stylist for the first ever HIMALAYA ROADIES of NEPAL - in collaboration with Via com 18  & MTV Roadies India.
So I have been busy working out for the shoots and preparing for my final semester of my Grads examination. 

In the process of audition rounds - travelling i got hold of these amazing sleep wear - PJ's  about which am writing this whole blog on ...... ...

I got to know about them from my senior who is the person behind it,  whom I would call the mother of DREAMCATCHER. I think she has just hit the rock in such a good time as we dont get any fancy PJ's in Nepal which is why I am saying she has just NAILED IT !

The best part of dreamcatcher is that they have  a huge variety of sizes & designs which is just good to go for any season ...  Happy to share with you all that I own 2 beautiful pair of Pj's from them :)

The above pictures are from my last visit to pokhara of the year 2016. 


PJ's - Dreamcatcher Nepal
Watch - DKNY 

I cant wait to get more PJ's from them for Summer 2017. And ofcourse, will also be taking them while travelling across for the shoots of  HIMALAYA ROADIES - get updated more on my other social media sites for behind the scene pictures  

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Thank YOU Dreamcatcher Nepal for those amazing PJ's and making my travelling night so comfortable 
 Hope you all enjoyed the post
Till en


Location: Pokhara 

1 Pictures - Blue heave Hotel , Pokhara
2 Picture- Jal Mahal Hotel , Pokhara

Saturday, January 21, 2017



Hope you all are all set to go crazy with your weekends plans for this week.....  
Hope you all enjoyed reading my last post. I would say- that post actually covers up many amazing things, which happened in those 365 days of the year 2016. 

Kathamndu wind is finally getting a little warmed up during the days, which makes me happy these days - as no more layers of clothes & no more confusion about how to layer up with what ! (Girls problem)  Do you guys even go through the situation like - I have nothing to wear for tomorrow - Situations ?  Talking about this post, I just wanted to break out my ALLBALCK feeling for a  while due to, which, I paired up my whole outfit with this beautiful over-sized colorful half sleeves poncho from Dressmandu HERE.  I think its better to still stick to colorful outfits even in winters rather then sticking to AllBLACK or NEUTRALS  as they spice up the whole environment.


Boots - BBSM
Legging - Primark Atmosphere
Turtle Neck Top -  Dressmandu (Tulip)
Poncho - Dressmandu (Tulip)
Earrings - Micheal Hill
Hugo Boss shades - Options
Watch - DKNY

I think this Look is perfect for any errands in winter as it keep you warm & cosy. 

Hope you all enjoyed this post 
Till en


Photo courtesy: Aayush Shrestha
Location: Durbarmarg

Monday, January 9, 2017



Wishing you all a very happy new year 2017. 

Hope you all had a wonderful year in 2016.
Mine was not less then, a roller coaster ride as I got many opportunities with many more challenges, with helped me create a beautiful bunch of memories of 2016, which am about to share with you all in this post.
This post is basically,  a THANK YOU POST to each and everyone who helped me grow a year wiser and better.This post also incorporates, some of my beautiful work experiences with beautiful, creative mind set people. Would also like to Thank all my  family , friends, colleagues , for making it more special everyday. First, 2017 had to be something special so, I thought- why not thank everyone who helped me grow a better individual in 2016 ....... ....

Here you Go !

  • Working with the Kayastha Duo
    Back in 2010 - 2012 , during my early days of blogging & when I was sure, how much I loved fashion and be a part of this industry. I always wanted to be a part of Nepals' amazing FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER'S team , he is non other then Mr. KISHOR KAYASTHA. well it took me exactly 6 long years to work with him. I cant thank my old work place for giving me an opportunity to make my dream to work with this guy as his team member. Mr. Kishor Kayastha & Meena Kayastha as two most amazingly creative duo- and am blessed to get a chance to work with them & know them in person more.......
    Below are some of our work as team  kishorkayastha

  • Freelancer Styling
    Another amazing breakthrough in 2016 was working, as a freelancer for different advertisement campaigns of biggest brands; like - Samsung & Ncell. I have almost worked for 4 campaigns for Samsung Nepal - where I first started my free lancing project working with  Malvika Subba (Djuu ), followed by Navyug Shrestha, Barsha Raut & Dashain festival campaign. Follwed by Ncell - which is yet not aired! , , Huwai smart phones. During this stage I also did some other projects like helping people out for their port folio shoot & training session for the modelling agency.

  • Pulsar Dare Venture Season 2(PDVs2)

    The biggest achievement after getting to work with the KAYASTHA DUO. Am happy one of my boss knew my work which was appreciated and was referred to work as the stylist for one episode of the show - but  I ended up being the stylist of not only for the contestant but also for the host  after fitness & obstacle test episode of the show. It was my first time working for a show - actually for TV series. Mark my words people , it was hell lot of great experience as I got to know may styling essence of twists which totally differs then that we normally do in magazines. I cant thank enough the entire team members of PDVs2 , from the Organizers, Camera crew, Host, Marshalls, Volunteers and ofcourse the Contestants.
    And in this post I would liek to thank these amazing people for helping me grow & learn more during the entire period of work of PDVs2 -  Ms. Poonam Singh from Bajaj , Mr. Sudeep shrestha from Ecs Media and Simosh Sunwar (director of the show)

  • Swankyranatraveldiaries2016

    Another thing I am super fond of after FASHION & STYLING is definitely - TRAVELLING. Am happy to tell you all that i travel as much as I can when i get a chance. Must say 2016 was full roller coaster ride with lots of travelling. Guess what I got to travel entirely all three state of the nation i.e. Himalayan , Hilly and Terai belt of Nepal. Thsi year I got to travel some really cool new places like -  Sindhuli , Last Resort,  Okhaldhunga Bazar, Phaplu , Janakpur, Australian camp & Dhampush .
These were some special turn overs that made my 2016 one happening year. Would like to thank you all for the bottom of my heart.

Hope you all enjoyed this post 


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