Friday, February 27, 2015

#TrendReport2 -> T.R.E.N.D.Y N.E.C.K. L.A.C.E.S.


Hope you all are doing super good ... .. 

So, am back with
trend report 
on necklaces or shall I say neck pieces .. ..
Springs is already here and summer is just around the corner
 These pretty & cute looking neck pieces are just good to go for S/S 2015 people !!

 If you are not in a mood to play your attire with heavy accessories, 
necklaces, rings, bracelet or earrings.. .. 
 I would say, these are the best accessories, to play with any attire you are planning to wear for
 S/S 2015.

Do you know the best thing about these necklaces / pieces ??

They are not just pretty & cute  but are also cheaper compared to those heavy accessories !!
You can find all these beautiful pieces all under one roof ... .. 


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Hope you all enjoyed this post... .. 
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Photo courtesy : Bickey Basnet

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A.N.N.I.V.E.R.S.A.R.Y. POST !!


Oh Yea.. .. 

It's my blog's Birthday ...

Happy 4th Anniversary / Birthday to my Blog
Happy  Happy 

I know,
 am again not being able to do regular posts on my blog, Lately.

 And this time I have a really good reason. 
If you are a regular reader of my blog, then, if not,  I am working as an intern in one of the Leading media house of my country, as STYLIST 
Am so busy - occupied with upcoming major issues & stuffs, due to which ,  am not able  to do regular posts
Sorry - Again!!

so , yea !
I have been very busy with it... .. 
 Apologies !!

I would like to Thank  my Mom, sister, friends & my readers , 
 who have always supported me & my blog. 
Its because of you all I have come so far & for many more years to come... .. 

Lots of love & kisses to you all 

Monday, February 16, 2015

AN X... ... ...


This post is going to be a bit different to you all.
through this post am introducing  you all, a very awesome store, here in Nepal. Any guess??
(My local readers)
Its non other then, 

I am sure, you guys have many questions , so , I am writing you whole details about them.
Great & Helpful , isnt it?

What does AN. X means??
 AN.X actually means, Accessories X. Nepal

What is it actually ??
Its  the first complete accessories store, which has varieties of accessories like earrings, rings, phone accessories, replica branded wallets & bags, trendy bag packers, watches,  shades, beanies  & many more

How did it all started off??
 Well, they have had actually, started it as online business.

Store or Online ??
 They have opened up a store at RB Complex, Pako Newroad, SHOP NO. 401 after, their customers asked them make a visit, see every item & buy it.

Any Links ??
They are  very much updated in social networking sites like FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP , VIBER ... ...

Market prices ??
I would say, they give - sell their materials in more less prices then that of other accessories store around Kathmandu. This does not mean they serve you poor quality of products as they sell stuffs in cheap prices.

Quality of replica bag??
As we all know,  (to be specific) Girls love branded bags. keeping it on concern they have variety of replica bags in different brands & quality.
(I would say it is really great for budget shoppers, who love branded bags)

Delivery services??
Yes, they provide delivery services not only all around Nepal but they also ship it world wide !!

Is it a retail or whole seller???
 They provide you both services, isn't it Great!!

Who owns' it ??
The store was actually started as an online business by a young individual, to whom I would rather like to call him
  Young Nepali Entrepreneur Mr. Karma Wangyal.

I hope you all liked short  details post about the store....  ..
Till en.. .. 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

C.O.M.F.O.R.T. OF C.A.S.U.A.L.S.


I guess the title it self speaks about this post of mine !!
This is what i choose'd to wear for my university  classes & work !
Thank God i can wear anything casual outfits at work 
working in a media house !!
shall I say its my work that does not has any restriction or rules than I need to follow !



Shoes - Goldstar
Legging - H&M
Oldschool Bagpack - Accessories Nepal
Shades - Rayban folding wafers
Over sized Wine Bomber Jacket - M&S Classic 

Oh yes !!
I finally got my hands on GOLDSTAR - the only Nepali brand 
shall write about it  soon

Hope you all liked it ... .. 
Till en 

Photo courtesy: Sajana Di (Ecs media)

Monday, February 9, 2015


 It has had been long 
when I have had met this awesome Blogger friend of mine. 
Yea she is my of my favorite blogger (Nepali)- Hope you guys have heard the blog named 
She is good  isn't she ?? (Hope you check out the above link)
Yesterday, we had lunch together at one of my favorite place, which is 
(Dalle is situated at Kamladi near nabil bank )


Black top - Atmosphere
Sweater- Dad's wardrobe
Jacket - Marks& Spencer 
Watch - DKNY
Shoes- Vans
#Swankyrana  #With  #Peppyowl
My all time fav. #Dallecombo  #HappyKid

We had lots of fun, talking , eating, ...
 where about our work & hardship of being a stylist in Nepali Media houses ...

Hope you all enjoyed & liked this post 
Till en... ... 


Photo courtesy: Rheas' iphn5s

Sunday, February 8, 2015

#TrendReport -> T.R.E.N.D.Y. B.A.G. P.A.C.K.S


Hope you all had a great weekend & everything around you is going great !!
  This would be my
ever post about latest trends or should I say whats in trend  here in Kathmandu - Streets
The reason I am writing, this post is, all  thanks goes to these beautiful people in - at different streets of Kathmandu 
I could see many people carrying different style & types of back pack - Bags !! 
And am not a bag pack person (Now)
But- again I am planning to get one  #hopefully

Then, I thought why not I do a small market research and help you guys get a  proper place 
 where you all can get different variety of 
Trendy Back Packs Bags
under a same roof in good quality & price 

Any idea  which store is it ? 
 Its non other then, 
The one & only - First complete accessories  store of Nepal  
Accessories Nepal 

I have divided the bag into few categories / trends accordingly , Below !!

1. Studs & some more Studs 
 If you are a person who loves studs & spikes, I would say  This bag would be just great !

2. Tribal  Prints 
These funky printed  tribal bags are  cool to carry around, all  thanx to their shapes & designs ... ..  

3. Old school bags
I am a big fan of old school fashion.  And this bags' design got me back to my child hood days, when i used to carry these types of bags. No wonder they are always in trend !!

4. Vans Bags 
Isn't that great ??  They also have Vans bag  that also in different colors and best part of it ?? The quality is far more better then that i have had seen. I recommend you all to buy it !!

5. Replica bags
Branded bags in Kathmandu - Nepal is a big joke! As we all know Replica bags are all over the shops of Kathmandu (Expect few stores). And do you know what's so good about ANX Store?
They have variety of replica bags in different category,sizes, designs, quality  & prices. They just say its replica as they believe "Business is all about trust".

Guess what ??
I am doing some more post about ANX , & they have also gifted me two of their awesome products
Isn't that great ??
Hope you all liked this post ... ..
 Till en 

Photo courtesy : Jni Maharjan 
Location / store: Accessories Nepal, RB complex Newroad

Saturday, February 7, 2015



This what I have had wore at Photo-shoot with Suntali,
As always I stick towards my comfort level with some touch of colors.

This kind of look will be for any event During Fall, as all we want is to be warm yet CHIC !!
Don't we??

With our very own  #Suntalii


Mustard Muffler - Made by my aunt 
Shades - Golden Rayban Aviators 
Cross body Bag -  Colette 
Tartan over coat - To the Nines
Black Studded Boots - BBSM  
Skirt - Vd store (store at Chakrapath)

Priyanka Karki (Here)

These Pictures are all taken, when I was waiting for Priyanka Karki
for the cover shoot.
Why waste time waiting, when you can enjoy it taking pictures ??
(Hope my above lines doesn't sounds weird!!

Hope you all liked it .... ..
Till en


Thursday, February 5, 2015



 If you are my regular readers of my blog,
 you guys  shall totally get the  title of this post. 
is the second connecting post of MIXED FEELING

If you guys do not know then, (small brief)
I am  working as an intern - STYLIST at one of the leading media houses of Nepal, which is,
This is the place through where am able to show you all my love for Fashion & happy to get to know & learn how things works in Media houses. 
 Despite being a  graduate student of academic social work (few more years to complete #Though)

Getting back to this post.
This post is about the recent activities that i have done at
 ECS Media as a Stylist 

There is this movie named
 to know more about the story of the movie you  #Watchit
  I would say  I really liked the whole customs & attires as this would be the only Nepali Movie which has  lots - alot of Color blocking outfits with different patterns !!

These pictures are actually in between & behind the cover shoot moments..
Ecs Friday

Outfit Details  of Priyanka Karki 

 Purple top - To the nines
Red Jacket - To the Nines
Green Full Skirt -  Posh
Head Bow - To the nines
Earrings - Lipsy

Style by ??
Obv. Its all styled by me !! 

Hello !! #Selfie 
I am happy  have had an opportunity   to know  her too some bit, work with her,  & meet the very talented, beautiful  Priyanka Karki
I think she one of the few educated actresses we have in our film fraternity .

best wishes to Priyanka karki & her team

#do #watchit #promoteNepaliMovies

Hope you all liked this post !!
Till en... ..

Photo courtesy: Prajawal dai (ECSFriday)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

S.P.R.I.N.G. B.L.U.E.S.


Hope you all have been doing good.
Am again, turning into irregularly regular with my posts.... .. 
Apologies for that again. 

In this post am very much clad my whole outfit with different shades / colors of Blue & White.
Spring is already here, but again the weather at  morning and evening is  still a bit chilled.


Shirt / Blouse - Atmosphere
Watch - DKNY
Shades - Jonnana Vintage

Am planning for Anniversary Giveaway of my blog, which I shall talk about in details in my next post 

Hope you all liked  it .... ..
Till en


Photo Courstey: Prakat Khatri #FeatureStudio