Monday, December 23, 2013



It's Christmas ....
I see girls really getting confused about 
what to wear? & what not to wear ?

happens all the time with me - Though !!
So, in this post have planned to give some tips for the whole confusion thing !!
P.S. i ain't an expert just a blogger ;)

  1. If you are going out for a lunch then , wear something really  simple. 
  2. If you are going for movie or girls day out  or shopping - wear something really chic & comfortable - like a pair of jeans with lovely printed sweaters or pullovers or  cardigans with  a black handbag  and light make up  with gorgeous Boots  
  3. If you are going out for a night out ... dinner date or dinner with family & friends you can wear a lovely - beautiful dress with a pair of black stiletto heels black over coat  with lovely accessories , hair & make up  
  4. A big No to whole Red Red outfit ... from top to bottom.
  5. You can wear anything you want .... .... it's not compulsory to wear Red as it's Christmas.
  6. If you really want to wear something RED in your outfit, then you can wear a red  jacket ...  red overcoat ... red dress  but just don't go board !
  7.  Do really light make up girls...  as too much of make doesn't makes you look pretty and it's not good for your skin as well.
  8. Best of all - Wear something you are comfortable in ... ... ..  

    Do check out the pictures hopefully,  it's gonna help you all out.

  1. Whether it's Christmas or New year  or any ordinary party Leather jacket is best for Him in any outfit.
  2. I think what ever a guy wears really suits them.... whether it's a Over coat or Leather Jacket / biker jacket... ... ... ... 
  3. What so is the situation / function a perfect pair of  shoes are best accessories for him in any outfit.
  4. But, if you all also interested to wear red do scroll down  - PLEASE !! 

Hope it was much a  help

Happy Holidays... ...
Keep blogging..

Merci beau coup
^_^ Rajshree ^_^

P.S. I don't own any pictures ... ....

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