Friday, December 19, 2014



And its Friday - TGIF !
Hope you all have different plans with your friends, family & loved ones

I also had my own plans to enjoy my day after work, so, I went to catch up with my brother who owns a Music store HERE
Though, we are in the same city and houses located almost in same area , we hardly get to see each other. 
Today, I was indeed really happy to see him, as we met after a long time !!

Hope you guys can see that - Iron Maiden drums 

Keeping that aside, hope now you can guess - how spent my day today with him !

Went to his store which is all set for christmas in Musical Style , more like midday meal lunch (saajhan ko khaaja) and small ride & visit to my favorite & old place i.e. SILENCE STREET
And if you want you can also buy the Bipul Chettri's cd (On your Right) & Underside Band Tee (on your Left) at Tone Music Store or Sound Factory
These 3 chicken  looking  thing which actually is an elephant (as said by my Daadaau)
The Top floors are dadaau's & His friends' work place
Yummy meal from #Attic

So, this whole post is a small deets about  a day out with my brother (Sujan Daadaau)

If you have not made a visit to ATTIC, I recommend you all to make a visit there & to know more about the restaurant - HERE  
(You can check out their Facebook page)

Hope you all enjoyed it ... 
Till en 


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