Sunday, August 24, 2014

IN OVERSIZED 80's & 90's


Yes, again am lost again - no proper regular posts 
Apologies for that !


This post says " 80's & 90's  " actually, an item that I wore is again  from my Mom's wardrobe !
My Old young lady does have really good stuffs .. .. 
every thing that she has in her wardrobe is so rich in color & style & every time i open up her wardrobe or visit her wardrobe section
  I am like - "Mom may i take this ...  may i take that... no ... this no that "

 leaving that thing apart ... ... 
 The outfit is a vintage chiffon leaves printed blouse , which can also be worn as a kimono !
Since its a bit,
  bigger - larger in size I rather prefer it the way I wore in this picture, rather then as a Kimono.. ..
"And my Old Lady bought this  between 80's & 90's so that's how this post is named "
 never know when & in which post i shall be posting about the same outfit as a kimono !!

I love my Dogs - with my two lil Naughty Trouble Makers !


 Pastel pumps - BBSM
Jeans - Denim Jeans
Sling / bodycross Bag - Clarks
Shades - Vintage Jonana
Blouse - Mom's Wardrobe

That's the whole stuff behind it ... .. 
 Hope you all are doing real good 
till en