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Been long !
Hope you all have been doing good.

This post will a bit more related to a place where I went to grab some Italian food.
 As I just loved the whole ambiance of that place, thought of sharing it with you all as well.

I made my visit to this Boutique Hotel name - DaLai - La  boutique hotel, in Thamel, 
which made me go ....  
whooooo !!

Its situated in one of the busiest tourist destination / hub of Kathmandu i.e. Thamel.
 You can hear the sounds of different times of music, bikes & cars annoying horns, people shouting & calling out their friends on the street & stuff but once you - 
 Enter the hotel ,everything changes into a peaceful &calm ambiance - and that's what made me goo .....
whooo ooo  !! 

Its not only the ambiance but the staffs are also very friendly  and the food is just a cherry on top.
They serve really good menu of  Italian & continental cuisines
which will make our taste buds, craving for it more & more !!
(AM QUIET A FOODIE PERSON , and you will know, that if you click -  HERE)

During my this visit I tried a  Pizza & virgin mojito !!
(its just i was craving for pizza)

And I must say, it was  #yuuummmm ......

If I have rate the hotel except their rooms & room service 
would give umm...   
3 stars out of 5 for the rest.
Finally if you guys have any plans to visit Nepal any sooner ... 
you must stay in this place as its situated in the heart of Kathmandu,

 For more details - Links below (Just click)


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Can't wait for to visit this place back again to enjoy other items from the menu.

Till en .... ...

Location : Dalai- la boutique hotel, Thamel

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