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#TrendReport5 A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.


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This is going to be a #TRENDREPORT5 as mentioned in the Title 
Here, am going to introduce you the awesome sunglasses, that are trending in market as well as 
Fashion Industry 

1. Retro Sunglasses
 These weird chic frames  - sunglasses are the must have to this season.
 As, they are  super trendy & chic  and if you are wearing a normal outfit it shall add up that Chic vibe through its, structure and glass colors.
Outfits I would recommend 
Denim over Denim ,  Tee & jean or Old school outfits to add up much more retro feel

2. Mirrored Aviators

 I must say, compared to last year, this year the trend of mirrored or colored aviators are getting, very trendy.
They come in different shades of glasses - sea blue - orange & more. (But sea blue is my favorite)
Outfits I would recommend 
Jean & shorts, Pastel outfit for pop of color and if you love culture dress like Salwar & Kurti  you can pair these shades as well.

3. Round & Cat Eye Sunglasses
Not much a round shades / sunglasses fan Though. But its getting trendy as well as it also also comes under the retro - vintage category of Sunglasses. 
 Eg: Lennon Sunglasses
 Cat eye Sunglasses are much more trending among girls then the round I see few no of  girls in street wearing the round ones. 
 I dont know my face type so if anyone of you has facial structure like mine - wouldn't recommend it.
(Tip from my side)
Outfits I would recommend 
Jean & Tee

4. Semi Round & Over-sized Sunglasses
Well, the semi circle cut of the sunglasses and a small metal between the glasses, also gives out the retro look due to its structure.
Over sized sunglasses, also says to give that mysterious, movie star look (as well - some people think)
Outfits I would recommend 
Denim on denim , jeans & tees or blouses 

5. Club-masters & Wayfarer
I would say it suits of for my kind of face structure but as said above - I ant sure what is my face type #though 
Oh yea !  These sunglasses are just like aviators  it suits almost all kind of face structure and goes in every other outfits.  
Outfits I would recommend 
Looks good in any outfit 

All the above shades are from 

To know your actual face structure Would like to recommend this site of EVO (HERE)
They have written up things very beautifully.
its not compulsory you have to wear what I have recommended ...just giving you guys some ideas how you can pair up these cool shades - sunglasses 

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