Tuesday, December 22, 2015

R.A.N.I.P.A.U.W.A. #swankyranatraveldiaries


How did you all find my last 2 travel blogs ?? 
I hope you all liked it and was quite helpful for you all 

This shall be my 3 travel post about my journey near to the Himalayas
My 3 destination after  KAGBENI

Where is RANIPAUWA ??
Its one of the  small town on the trials of  upper mustang , after kagbeni and jharkot, which also happens to be a religious destination for both Hindus & Buddhist

Is RANIPAUWA also known as MUKTINATH ??
Yes, its also known as MUKTINATH as per the name of the temple, RANIPAUWA is also known as Muktinath area

Does this place holds any importance ?
Yes, it does people. its one of the holy places for both Buddhist & Hindu Pilgrims across the world and has respective stories about this place.

These bunch of lovely souls #travelbuddies 

From here, we went for next destination - CHUSANG small town before our main stop of our Journey  

Hope you all liked this post ... 
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Photo courtesy: Prem Gurung & Prity Gurung

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