Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nature Calling


 Well this post is actually about short walk towards the FULBARI GUMBA ,which is situated at Gokarna- KTM, Nepal.  THOUGH WE ARE THE ACADEMIC SOCIAL WORKERS WE HAD TO SPEND TIME IN OUR AGENCY...... BUT WE DINT !!  
Hehehehe... that's  because all our works were over n our agency supervisor asked us to take a leave for the day......  and .... nor did we want to stay  there nor go back to " HOME SWEET HOME " for the moment !! So me and my lovely junior  planned to have a short walk  up to the hills.. ... 

Since , it was lovely sunny day.... and the mesmerizing beauty of nature !! yet again ... i hope you all loved  this post .... hope you all had a WONDERFUL DAY !!
stay tuned for more updates ... till then ....

  Merci beau coup
 ^_^ Rajshree^_^ 

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