Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SOME MAKE - UP .......


So, how have you all been, these days ? In this post, Today, am writing about another creative... beautiful.... young  MAKEUP ARTIST in  K-TOWN. And guess - what ?? Its been only 3 months she is now working as a make-up artist.  Well, again she's my senior, from, school - yeah ! we had been enrolled into the same school .... and her sister's my very good friends  - another reason, how i get to know her more properly ....... 

Yes- i have been talking she - she - her. Well, her name is BIPASHI TULADHAR.  She worked as a team member of  " Team Faces by Poonam ".

Below pictures of LA MODE FIESTA
which was organised by Party fiesta 

The above, event was organised by PARTY FIESTA , in HOTEL  RADISSON , Lazimpat, kathmandu. This was  fashion show,where, she helped  as a team member (make - up artist ) for " Team Faces by POONAM TULADAR  ". The fashion had designed of 3 different designers ....  SOWRNIM RAI ,  AYUSH  and  PREKSHYA !!

So , i am sure you all want to know , how did it all started ? who inspired her ...  ... and ... and .... - so here you GO .....

  1. So, are you a graduate student in make-up artist & hair style ?

    No, i ain't a graduate in either of them. In order words, "SELF TRAINED ".
  2. How did it all started ?
    It was never a planned one. When I was back in TEXAS for my flight trainning, Iused to play around with make ups and nails during my leisure period. My friends and cousins always used to encourage me , and tell me to change my profession (jokingly). So, that appreciation encouraged me more and more .... ....  later, when i was back to nepal i used to do   it for fun . Commercially, this 2013 Feburary i started my passion into work after "my cousin offered to pay me  as a make up artist for her wedding ",after that day i have been doing it and yes it is helping ...... .....
  3. Who inspired you , if any one from family ?

    A lot of people, but if i have to name one , its going to be my MOM. She's a trained beautician . "Even though she's simple she likes to groom others i have seen her working.... i thinking unknowingly   i have learned a lot  from her "
  4. How long have you been doing this ?

    I have been doing this, last 3 years but commerically by 2013 Feb.
  5. So will you take you pilot degree as a profession or make - up artist ?

    One thing i have learned till now is that , nothing happens like we expect it to be. I have learnt to grab every opportunity that i get ...... .... so  for now both in my mind ( HAHAHAHA !! )


  1. Do you read blogs ?
    These days yeah .... have started to read few .... but am more of a YOU TUBE person.
  2. What does fashion  & make- up means to you ?
    Fashion & Make-up  are something which makes me feel refreshed all the time . My style definitely reflects my mood..... esp when it comes to make up :)
  3. whats your favorite  make up product ?
    MAC, Loreal....... I find them reasonable in reference to their quality. ( too many on the list )
  4. How important is fashion to you ?
    Fashion is very important in m y opinion , but following a trend isn't a necessity in my opinion. I like to wear which  will flatter my body type .... - "AS i am a big person :) "
  5. Fashion inspiration, if any ?
    I have to say Beyonce , Tyra Banks , Kim ...... similar body types :)
    growing up here in Nepal, I never felt comfortable in my body type, as i have been a huge person ... it started when i  landed in USA  and saw ladies with curves and people appreciating them :)
  6. Fashion & make up  faux pas that you  see around ?
    Leather pants & eye liners that end half way -  A BIG NO NO , from me !!
  7.  5 items a girl should have in her make up bags ?
  • Suitable moisturizing lotion / gel 
  • lipstick/ gloss/ lip balm
  • powder
  • foundation
  • and mascara 


  1. Looks great on girls

    A-line skirt, i find it sexy & smart
  2. Recent make up buys

     Krylon's stick foundation , Florelle's translucent powder , few brushes from Coastal Scents and Sephora eyeshadow Pallete (gift by cousins )
  3. Your biggest splurge

    Eyeshadows and Mascara can't get enough of these .... ... SADLY we don't get varieties here in KTM  esp, when it comes to Mascara !
  4. Your Make up & style icons

    Michelle Phan , Aubrey ....... they made me feel like i can do  EVERYTHING !!
  5. Your favorite designers - "National " & "International"

    There are alot of good designers now !! GOOD FOR US !! I like TENZIN  TSETEN BHUTIA , SUBEXYA  & BG  where as , international designers..... um.... too many , Out of which PG  is wearable , fashionable & his designs are always fresh !!
  6. On your wish list .....

    LV's speedy 25 and Alma , Mac's Russian red
  7. Make up  & Fashion tips for VINTAGE GIRL CORNER READERS !!

    Bright red , yellow , pink , lets just say BRIGHT COLORS - that's what i like right now .... ....  summer is here for sure - MIX & MATCH   atleast one of these to blend in with the hot climate ! It can be eye shadows, lipsticks , eyeliners , bag . .... ...etc  MIX IT UP !!

to know more about her ???
check out 

Merci beau coup
^_^  Rajshree ^_^

P.S. pictures are taken from PARTY FIESTA  & her FB PAGE


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