Thursday, May 29, 2014



Hope everyone remembered the following picture 
Sandra Bullock wearing PG  Resort 2014 for Golden Globe Awards
(Taroni Silk Full skirt Gown With Banded Waist)

And right after this, i guess full skirt got back into fashion (do correct me if m wrong)
In this post would like to share some
DO's & DON'T's of Full Skirt

Pic 1: Basic with  prints can never go wrong but again always choose a color or pattern you can carry it otherwise, you know when one isn't comfortable WHAT HAPPENS

 Pic 2: Basic  Black & White, i don't think so i have to say anything about it, IT WAS .. IT IS ... WILL ALWAYS BE IN FASHION

Pic 3: Laced &  color-block with patterns,  Not a bad look to give it a try, and  if we do it properly it surely is a Bang !

Pic 4:  See Through Full skirts, this skirt will definitely give the whole outfit a new touch, with its see through to a minimal level , which will make an individual look sexy  yet elegant.

Pic 5: Neon is still On People, I don't think so I have any right to say anything about this look, Its just Too Good.  If, you love neon trend & colors do try such a a look & make the crowd turn !

Hope you all liked this post...
Till en 

P.S I do not own any of these pictures.