Sunday, March 1, 2015

W.I.T.H. #MTVRoadiesX2


Hope you all have  had a lovely weekend with your closed & loved ones.. .. 
 so did I  with a twist !! (hahaha)
Twist ??? 

Yea a twist ... ..  
I guess it was a week or two, saw this  post in Facebook in my friends', where he shared a picture , saying Mtv Roadies Team are in Nepal .. .  ..  ... 
And I was like Whaaat?? ??  Lair .. ... ..
 I checked each & every posts in social media, then, I was like, WHAT ???
I have to have a selfie with all .. 

(weird much ?? I know .. .. That's me LOL)

And that's how it all started up .. . 
 I actually almost turned into a stalker.... I was stalking them , every now & then, about their next destination .. .. .. ..
when will they make a visit to my city ... my lil world ... My  beautiful city  
#CapitalCity of NEPAL

Beautiful & Happy Fans (L-R) -  Anushka, shiwani  Avipsa & Rushali
Busy Taking a Fan video .. .. 
Bored waiting: 
After we got a hold of two members of #MTVRoadiesX2 .. .. 
me & my friend we both waited not because we want to wait but, now we have  had to wait.. .. 
 as we didnt want to miss the chance again.. . .. ...  
As I have have had to take a selfie with Mr. Rannvijay (LOL)
I know i sound super weird !!
In between 
 Me & friend took lots of selfies' & pictures with those who made our evening 
 funfilled & memorable 
we also got a chance to meet the producer - (forgot  his name But I do have his autograph)

 I have had also asked him 2 questions (unstructured - though !).. ... 

Why & What made you chose Nepal for #MTVRoadiesX2 shoot ??

He replied: Look, we  had many other options as well, but in the end we choose Nepal...

Why & how did you find Nepal ?

He replied: Nepal is such a beautiful country... there are many beautiful places which people do not know about, and we want to show those places from our show.
 I really liked the whole trip... ..

Oh yeaa.. .. 

 I have to mention you about these two Nepali Guys from the Roadies team who helped me !!
for an autograph !!
Mr. Bimal Tamang is one of them, 
He's Rannvijays' assistant & he was the one who got me an autograph ... .. 
A Nepali who resides on the beautiful city of  hills - Darjeeling & he has been working in Mumbai since a really long time.

Thank you again Bimal daii for the autograph!!
And one of them is from - Kathmandu it self, he is
Pawan Adhikarii
 who is a student from Oscal school of Flims 
(this is his another project after Hindi movie #Baby )

 And the other reason was we have had parked our car another place which was a bit far .. . 
 All thanx to the VIP party.. . 
 But again , 
 I got a picture with one of the most (at the time) influencing 
 media personality of Nepal - Nepali media Industry
Mr. Bhusan Dahal
L- R : Swankyrana , Bhusan Dahal & Krisnaa (my frn )

Selfie Moments:
I along with my friend - along with lovely fans of #MTVRoadiesX2 ,  got a chance to get a hustled & bustled selfie  with Karan Kundra.. .. 

With  Mr. Karan Kundra

Not once's but twice !!
Yes! I got to meet him  for the second time  as well  #Luckymuch ??

Hustled & Bustled pics of me & my friend taking a selfie !!
We also met the another member of the team he is , non other then, Vijendra Singh, who is an
Indian Olympic Boxer & DSP of Haryana Police !!

With Mr. Vijendra Singh
Last but not the least ,
Finally, we got a chance to meet him & get a picture with the man of hour - 
Mr. Rannvijay Singh Singha!!
I still remember him saying while this lines,  while taking a selfie together
"Just show your teeth & smile " 
Happy kid - Swankyrana & friend with Mr. Rannvijay 
The picture quality may not  be so good as we just had made a visit & fortunately got a chance to them all , expect Esha Deol (sad), 

Oh yes.. .
 am planning to upload a Vlog soon

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Till en ...


Photo courtesy: Me & Krisnaa's cell phones' camera
Location: Shangri- La Hotel,  Lazimpath, Kathmandu, Nepal


  1. Such a wonderful post dear! Hope you have a great Friday!

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  2. Thanks for sharing our pics in your Blog :)

    1. I am so happy as i got to meet you all ... ..and thank you for allowing to keep your & your friends' picture on my blog !!