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Was suppose to post it way back but , thanks to my lazyness and unwanted busy schedules could not do it. 
Apologies BIG TIMES !

 Anyways getting back to this post, its about an outfit which nowadays am a big fan of , esp. culottes , never wore it before but now am a bit fond of it, as it so easy and chic !  Best part of culottes  is that they come in variety of fabric and you can pair it up with which ever top you want.
Back then, I had lots of meeting & events to attend that day at work and  wanted to look formal as well as beat the heat out of the increasing temperature of ktm, and ended up wearing an entire BLACK on BLACK outfit. No wonder black color / dark color outfits are big time saver, when you go through confusion.  So paired up my culottes with these black toned top & accessories.

Talking about meetings & events, I got a chance to an event which got me another chance to meet up Prabal Gurung  and know him more. Not only that, I finally have a good photo with him..... .. #toohappy  Well, the event that I had to attend an anniversary event press meet - was of his foundation i.e SHIKSHYA FOUNDATION NEPAL (Here) , it was a press meet event, which helped people know more about the foundation & work. (well, it helped me know more.... hope did the same to others who had attended the event)

Anyways, My happiness had no limits as I got another chance to meet him twice the same week  almost like the next day ? #fangirlmoment  oh yeah he did share our Selfie moment in his Instagram which I had re-shared it in my Instagram (Here)


Shades & fringes cross body bag - accessories Nepal
 Culottes - Lane 88
Flats - Dulla shoes
Watch - DKNY


  • A chiffon or any fabric culottes with silk tops or any causal Tees paired up with  good pair of flats or ballerinas.
  • Don't over do it  - too much print on print or neon colors and mix & match it might ruined the whole look 
  • Try to keep it minimal , simple

Hope you all liked this OOTD post !

 Of course,
 few details of SFN & Ma Movement  events shall be shared in my next post soon 
 which shall be only & only related to Prabal Gurung & his foundation 

 Till en ... 


Photo courtesy: Chandra Sijal (ECS MEDIA)
Location: Hyatt Regency, Boudha

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