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SYNOPTIC P.E.R.E.G.R.I.N.A.T.E. #swankyranatraveldiaries


So much to share, so much to inform but again am short with words. Its about my P.E.R.E.G.R.I.N.A.T.E. visit to these awesome place of Nepal, which I got to visit as my University Camp. Well, was out of town for almost 15 days, due to which no regular posts !


Well, I had to go out to valley for my university camp which was a mandatory field work criteria,  for my degree study. So this time I got to visit these lovely places of Sindhuli District - Madi and Bhiman  & Janakpur Dham,  which both come under the premises of Janakpur Zone .  I didn't know that these places uphold so much history esp.  Madi of Sindhuli about which hardly anyone has heard of or about it.

SINDHULI - Madi & Bhiman

Its such a beautiful place, about which I wasn't aware of... ..Though had heard this famous Sindhuli Gadhi song. I would call Sindhuli a semi terai & hilly state of Nepal which is home for many brahmin, chhetri, tamangs and rare indigenous group of people i.e HAYU. Its also home of holy temple named KAMALA MAIII  Mandir which has its own myths stories also a very famous pilgrimage place.

Madi upholds a very significant role in history as it was the place where Bristish soldiers with well equiped  weapons got defeated for the first time in Asia in 1767 A.D.
where as, its also the most developed Metropolitan city of Kamalamai , which has many school and colleges with higher education facilities compared to other districts after Kathmandu & lalitpur.

Bhiman is a place where Rana's of that time have made a palace when the people hardly had a stone house in that place. But, its sad that palace no longer exists' as due to lack of community people concern and unaware about the importance of its significance , the hit of earthquake 2015 has distroyed the palace and only few structures are left .

Its also home of indigenous group of people called HAYU. Though , this place doesnt have much historical monuments but its enrich environment and agriculture surrounding just makes you feel blessed , with its greenery , fresh air, and kamala river.

Some pictures of Madi and Bhiman

Our National Flag @ Sindhuli Madi
Playing around between Research & Data collections

KAMALA Maii Temple

Ofcourse, another beauty of Sindhuli is this must visit temple named Kamala Mai Temple, its on your way to Bhiman from Madi , which upholds a very important significance of superstitious belief - that everything you ask for it, the Goddess fulfills it. Lets see if My wish gets fulfilled soon - but , I dont remember what I had asked FOR  #mybad !!


A small town , which is now turned up into one of the most famous pilgrimage tourist destination of Nepal. Well, it's the birth city of Lord Princess Sita who was married to Lord Prince Ram of Aayodhya. Talking about Jnakapur Dham, had made a visit to this beautiful city years back, when Dad , Mom , I and couple of dad's friends used to visit  different places , which we used to termed it as  SUPER LONG drive ... Hahahahaaaa !!
Hope I dont sound chessy or cliche ! As, that's what it is. The locality of Janaki temple is very different to what it was before, many shops on either sides of temple compounds .
For more about this place JANAKPUR DHAM

TIPS for travelling these places:
  • April is the best season to  travel and visit these place (Sindhuli & Janakpur) as tose who dont have habit to Terai heat might have health issues.
  • If you visit before April you will get a chance to taste Nepal's best Mausam i.e. Citrus Limetta, its seasonal fruit and tastes super YUMM !!
  • Travelling is more fun in group , if you are single travelers shall also enjoy the same amount of fun but would suggest group!
  • Haat bazar is the best place to shop in small towns and cities of these place as you get awesome cool items / stuffs in super cool prices. 
  • Of course, when you visit Janakpur, esp . girls dont forget to buy those beautiful mud bangles, which are called LAAAHA if am not wrong.
  • A jacket is must as if it rains its environment turns out chilled . 
  • Of course, wear as light colored clothes or  comfortable clothes like me in the above pictures,  though am mostly dressed of black outfit. But, would suggest light colored clothes as the weather after 10 in both place is  quite hot.

A wrap for now, on my 15 days trip to these beautiful place.
Still more to wander
Hope you all liked this post
Till en ...


Photo courtesy: Shweta Bhandari, Rabindra Rawal, Sheela Bogati

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