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Many of my blogger friends... readers ... and my friends always asked me where we can get good quality clothes in Nepal. I guess every other individual around are having such  problems. So  this post of mine is gonna be for you all !!!
The following post is going to be divided into 2  parts and they shall be ... ....

Reviews upon New Nepali rising designers:

Astik Designs 

His designs are very classy , sophisticated, glamorous  & very much  haute couture, are really good.  If you want to stand out and have that perfect feeling of Haute Couture, get Astik's superb collections. You can get them in Trendsetters ,Mayalu complex ,Jamal.

Subexya by Subexya Badel

As lovely as her personality so are her designs. Her designs are just so girly (in good way) , pretty, smart , and very simple yet different. Her pari collection  designs, would one of my favorite. You can visit her studio at lazimpat right next to hotel shangri- la.

Gabi Designs

A model turned designer Bina Ghale does really knows how to make girls  go crazy for her designs. As her designs are chic , trendy , fashionable, rich with colors, her designs are very much ready to wear  . Recently she has also launched  Gabi Traditional and many more up on the lines. Her studio is at Baluwatar.

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia 

He's designs are also very much haute couture , glamorous & very very elegant. his evening gown / dress designs are just gorgeous. You can get this designs at Trendsetters, Mayalu complex, Jamal.

Dulla Shoes

The only hand made designer shoes made by Ahmed  Dulla. The designs are very simple yet classy and shoes are really comfortable. They are made up off pure leather and woods (I already own 3 pairs of dulla shoes). you can order his shoes through his  facebook page named DULLA SHOES.

Tips upon shopping:

  1. If, you want to wear gorgeous designer clothes do visit Mayalu complex - trendsetters, there are too many variety of clothes of different designers. 
  2. Some of the designer clothes are expensive at trendsetters as, the are made up of very high quality of products.
  3. If, you are doing a budget shopping at durbar marg area? do visit stores like, Posh , cheeky at woodland complex or Milano collections. They have good stuffs in reasonable prices.
  4. Otherwise, you can also visit  RB complex as almost all clothes in Nepali market are distribbuted from there and yes the goods are mostly bought from countries like Thailand & China. You can find the stuffs few hundreds cheap compared to market outside RB complex.
  5. For hand made accessories do visit Masala beads at Thamel (way to Sanjekosh parking area) .  
  6. Don't go for branded items as in Nepal, you only get imitation or duplicate products.
  7. There are many stores which sells many famous European brands  like : M&S , Forever 21 , primark , H&M . They are selling it in very high prices- most of the items are brought in Nepali Market after the huge sales, of which am  against of it. I would rather pay such amounts and buy clothes from any other Nepali Designers.

    The one and only important tip for all Nepali readers would be,  don't go after trend rather be a trend.
Please buy Nepali products, Be a help to such creative & talented Nepali  Designers.

Merci beau coup
^_^  Rajshree ^_^

P.S. above reviews are my personal reviews upon the designs as a blogger (client).

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