Sunday, April 12, 2015

#TrendReport 3 -> H.A.N.D.Y. - H.A.N.D.B.A.G.S.


 How was ya all weekend ?? 
 Mine was pretty good  &  now am also blessed with a official Photographer for my Blog. 

Happy.. Happy. ..
Lets keep that aside for the moment & get back to the post.
Its a TrendReport on what kinds of bags you can carry for this SS2015
precisely  - Handbags

1. Wrist-let Handbag

   If you guys are a clutch lover,  am sure you guys will like this bag as its very handy, bigger in size then that of a normal clutch sizes, best part about this bag - it also has long belt as supplement by the help of which you can use it as a body cross bag.  Its available in many other colors as well.

2.  Messenger Bag

The must have bag, you can see each and every other Fashion savvy person carrying it around. Planning own one - for this SS2015  & if you have not own it yet , Hurry up & get one !!

3. Clutch with Studs

Clutch is that small bag which, I wonder if will ever own  as am a person who loves  big size bags. Even though,  clutches are those chic good to go bags in any look,  as its small & any event. I would suggest you all to own  a silver color clutch as it shall go in any color of outfit & look.  The studs just adds up a chic look.

4. Structured Bag

This is my favorite size  when it comes to  hand bags. I would say this is the best size  of hand bag as you can fill it up with what ever things you want to. I would say, this type of  bags give a feminine touch to our outfit & I just love that. Even If you carry it off  with a tomboy outfit , it shall add up that feminine side of yours which shall give a new hype to your whole Look. (Thats what I think )

All these bags are available at
R.B. Complex, New road

Oh yeaa  - Finally, 
my blog has its official photographer & must say he's really good  you can also see his pictures & follow him back in his Instgram Profile - HERE
Hope you all enjoyed this post.. .. 
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Photo Courtesy: Bickey Basnet


  1. hey,i just happen to bump in ur blog & already in love withit,,beautiful pictures!Iv followed u,so reciprocate maybe?
    & im also a BIGSIZE bag person :)

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and your lovely comment. Shall follow you back in GFC as well.

  3. Lovely outfit dear! I just discovered your blog. I'm glad I did!
    Big kiss to you from The Netherlands. xx Frederique ❀
    fashion blogger -

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely words Frederique.
    Lots of love from Nepal.