Friday, April 3, 2015



 Hope you all are doing really good.
I guess you all had a lovely day the day for yesterday and non of you have been fooled by people around you ! 
(Thank God - No body fooled me !!)

Getting back to this post. 
  In this post, am about to mention how have repeated my outfit , for the next Saturday- Again ! 
Yes again!!
I never have a problem repeating- same outfit within a week.

Was so confused what to wear for Saturday as I had lots of things to look for, go different places back and forth & had to be comfortable.
So this Is what I again decide to wear.
Hope you all got an idea.

Boy friend Jacket  Black - atmosphere
Top - To the Nines
Mint Green Handbag - AXN
Watch -  DKNY
CC Chanel Brooch - Gift (hongkong)
Sneaker - GOLDSTAR
Shades Aviator - Rayban 

If you look thoroughly, at my  earlier post and this the only difference you would find is the bag !
Instead of carrying my Favorite Old school bag-pack, 
 I chose'd to carry this mint green 
(Note: I do not mind repeating outfits but I dont do it the very next day - Still I would not mind saying I love repeating outfits)
So that's the story!!

Hope you all liked this post ... ..
 Till en .. .. 

Photo Courtesy: Prajjwal dai (ECS MEDIA)