Tuesday, June 23, 2015

EMERGE "Shop for a Cause"


Hope you all have been doing really great & good !!

In this post,
 I would like to talk about an event which is going to take place this
 Saturday i.e. 27 JUNE 2015
This is one day Thrift market, an evening filled with beauty, weirdness, Light, love, music, abundant smiles all for a cause.... ..

Through this event, they are planning to help a school named Eyelens High School in Jorpati , Kathmandu has been majorly affected and has been given the red sticker terming "UNSAFE"

For more please go through the links below... ..


Please do share, spread the word , do come &  be a part of it ... ..
 Till en 


Details: The picture is taken from the events' page.

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