Thursday, June 25, 2015



Hope you all been doing really good.....
This post is a connecting post of my earlier post - EMERGE, (do read if you haven't)
for whcih we went to hand over some or our re- usable materials, at the place where our fellow
blogger friend asked us to !
It was non other then, this lovely place called
The moment, we entered the restaurant it just gave us that creative vibe... .. must say the painting on
both side of the walls, the memo book on the edge of the small wall,
the curtains on the windows wear made up of silk sarii ..
(i mean who would have thought about it ??)
the small touch of hippie era is just a cherry on the top to the entire place.

These all were some reasons which made me post about this place.. ..
Through, this post would suggest you all to at-least make a visit to this cool place - soon

Oh yeaah!!
Any guess with whom did I visit this place with ??
 My beautiful blogger friend - Peppy Owl...
{She's really good do goggle about her !!}
It was much like a reason to meet up ... uphold some more blogging memories.. chit & chaat ...
just a mini reunion !!

With Blogger - Peppy Owl 

Hope you all enjoyed reading it & also visiting us on Saturday.
27- 06-2015



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