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This post is a a short review post of an event that took place in September, 2015. 
The event was not any other then, the 3 season of BLENDERS PRIDE STYLE NIGHT (BPSN)

Yes 3 season 

The first 2 season was followed up by beautiful  designers/ blogger Antee Gurung (HERE) and upcoming designer Siwangi Pradhan.

What is BPSN??
 Blenders Pride Style Night  in short gives a platform for designers to showcase their designs 
help us to get connected with the latest trends, designs of our fellow designers

Is it a fortnight or annual event??
 BPSN happens in every 3 - 4 months 

Where did it happened this time ?
It happened at Moksh, jhamshikhel 

Who was this seasons' designer ??
This season's designer was none other then, very talented, creative, popular designer of  K-town fashion industry

Where, he showcased 2 new collections 
MC: Subexya khadka  in one of Tenzin  Bhutia's design 
First sequence : CLOCK 9

The CLOCK 9 collection 
must say it was very chic, sexy, glitzy dresses

Tenzin Bhutia with Showstopper Neelum Chand

Second sequence: BRIDAL COUTURE  

The BRIDAL COUTURE collection 
was glitzy yet simple

its time for the over all event review, which includes, models, designer, the places .... 
in short everything !
  • I think only limited people were aware about the event
  • Of course the event started way too late, almost after  1 hour 45 mins, well, they said it was due to the Rato Machindranath Jatra at pulchowk. 
  • The seat plans were not well managed, 
  • Something I really dont get, is Why does everyone( MAKE UP ARTIST) here in Nepalese Fashion Industry think the only work of MAKE UP ARTIST is just to put on some make up and a hair bun is all for any other fashion show ??? 
  • Like, seriously - despite such a lovely outfits and design its the make up & hair style that add ups the charm of the whole show !  (MUA - please watch FTV, if you want some more idea & want to stand out )
  • Yes, I do agree, that, the budget in fashion industry for fashion show is very less compared to those of fashion show which is held in foreign land, but, that doesn't mean they cant afford to buy good looking beautiful shoes for the model.
  • Most of the fashion show that I have attended so Far , every model wear different kind of shoe , yes size differs but,  some wear platform, some wear wedges & so on heels. From what I see that make the show look very different and some time Blaah !

    I hope people of Nepalese fashion industry get that
How have you all been doing, lately ??
Hope everything is going great ..... ..

Hope you all enjoyed this event review post !
Till en ...



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