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J.O.M.S.O.M. #swankyranatraveldiaries


Welcome to my first ever travel post 
Am adding up my travel updates as well in my blog , to make it look more lively and also to aware my readers How beautiful my Nation is ... 
My Nation .. My Country .. My Nepal #ournepal #nepaleseNepal

Getting back to the post,
I went for a week trek to the upper & lower hills... some where near to the Himalayan belt of NEPAL
I went to lower and the upper mustang for a week with an amazing group of individuals 
(7 of us in total),before the annual biggest festival i.e. VIJAYA DASHAMI

Since, we had limited time & keeping in mind the very new unwanted political problem i.e. fuel crisis  and syndicate 
we decided to take a flight to jomsom
Yeah .. JOMSOM 
a small town which is actually the main gateway which take you to the beautiful valley of  M.U.S.T.A.N.G.

The bridge that divides Jomsom into WAAARI & PAAARI JOMSOM
Syndicate? What is that ??
Yes syndicate.
In general, syndicate is a committee of syndics who follow their individual rules and regulations.
Its noramlly run by groups of individuals or organization to promote a common interest.
And If you are travelling to JOMSOM  you must not forget about Syndicate

Is syndicate applied while taking road ways or flight ??
Oh well, 
Syndicate is applied to road ways specifically, as ,  the moment you begin you journey  by road from Beni bus park you have to follow the syndicate rules and the outcome of rules is that you have keep on changing  local vehicles i,e bus  .. jeeps 
but yeah... .
 you can ride your own mountain-bike & motor- bike  if you pay some amount to the syndicate office(Well, am not aware about the amount thing though)

Whats so different about Jomsom??
The most different part about Jomsom would be , despite being a place as a whole , its area is identified or differentiated by a small bridge  which is just above Kaligandaki river

Jomsom is divided into 2 part 
The airport side  area is known as Waari Jomsom where as the  side from where you take rides for upper mustang is known as Paaari Jomsom
And thsi all due to syndicate rules & regulations , which are strictly followed by the people of Jomsom  or shall I say People of mustang.
ALLEY of paari Jomsom
Another odd thing about JOMSOM ??
 Things that happens in other-side of the Jomsom area,  the another side does not has any right to pin point or raise any question against it. 
 All thanks to the syndicate !
(when i asked the local people)
What do you get in Jomsom ?Souvenirs ?
You get every thing, normally, people tend to buy different stuffs like - Jimbu , Mustang apples , Dry apples, Wallnuts, Buckwheat, Beans, Marpha Brandy these are the local products . And its the main shopping destination for travelling who travel the upper belt of mustang
i.e. Kagbeni, Muktinath, Chusang, Lomanthang
{As another shopping destination is a small souvenir shops at Marpha village, which comes before Jomsom }

How expensive is the hotels or lodges at Jomsom ?
I would say its not so expensive, they normally charge  RS, 500 - above  for a night
but, prices differs for Nepalese & Foreign tourist (reality check)

Food ? types??
You can get any type of food you want to eat, like Thakali set, Nepali khana set, continental meals, chinese, Italian  & so on. You will have lots of options as its one of the tourist attracted areas/ destination so you wouldn't have problem with food.

Expensive ??
well again,
they have different prices for local & foreign tourist

What the other thing you need keep in mind after syndicate rule ??
Time is very particular while you are travelling to mustang area .. if you plan to travel through local transportation.
You can hire private jeep  but its only good if you have a group of 6- 8 or 12 individuals
as normally the Jeeps in this area has 10 -12  passenger seats
 so when you hire the jeep and you are just 6  then you might have to pay for 4 more individuals.
(Not done ?? well that how it works there)

How much do you have to pay normally ??
Per person you have to pay Rs 400 - above according to the location you want to go

Hope you all liked this post .. 
Till en .. 



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