Wednesday, November 18, 2015

K.A.G.B.E.N.I. #swankyranatraveldiaries


Are you all ready for another travel post 

This shall be my second travel post about my journey near to the Himalayas!
My second destination  after J.O.M.S.O.M

What exactly is KAGBENI??
Its a small village which lies on the trails of  upper mustang, which is located in the valley of river Kali Gandaki

What exactly is this place about ?
Oh well,
Kagbeni is one of famous religious destination which holds strong spiritual and religious beliefs  both  Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage devotees

What kind of religious activities ??
Kagbeni is mostly know as a place for those devotees who come their and worship in the name of the decreased individuals of the family.
It's said and believed that, if you worship here in thier name their spirit shall get MUKTI  / MOKSHA. Devotee perform rituals like "Tarpan" and "Saradha" in the name of decreased family member.

Hope you all liked this post & planning up to make a visit soon 
Till en... ..