Monday, January 4, 2016



Happy New Years' 2016 People ... .

Hope you all had a superb New years' eve celebration. 
My New years eve celebration story is quite different, it was hell of a mini roller coaster ride ... .. 
As planned went to Pokhara all by myself (FRIST TIME), glad I had my university friends on that same bus, and also met my long lost friend, who also happens to be on the same bus, my friend Soni ... 
 Everything was going on good until we got stuck in a traffic in a middle of a jungle of the highway  Kathmandu - Pokhara, due to a road accident somewhere in the highway which had killed somebody (may his / her soul rest in peace) And then, everything started going super weird as we had just had our breakfast and there was no single sight of a cafe or shop where we could find FOOD ... 
It had already been 3 hours when my long lost friend got a call from her friend who happen to be in one of the tourist bus like us, and  went all by them self for Pokhara by taking lifts from people and walking ...  
Pokhara was almost 80-90 km away from where our bus (in the traffic). After asking my university friends who thought the plan of lift n walking was useless, I had to leave them back and walked my way with my luggage as I didnt plan to celebrate EVE  somewhere in the JUNGLE !!
HAHAHAHAAA............ ...
Now, as I recall back it was a hell of a night ,  it was already late evening,  when we reached our hotel at pokhara , I guess it was around 9 , after taking  lifts from TATA Mobile vehicle and walking and a bus, where as , my university friends were somewhere on the road towards pokhara.  
Top of all our phone battery was almost DEAD and we still travelling somewhere in JUNGLE .... LOL

After I got to pokhara, met my brother in law, his sisters , my friends Nikun , Animesh & their friends finally the night had started. Of course, I also met lots of my friends at different places that night after almost 2-3 yrs, and almost all our phone batteries were DEAD so No photos of EVE Celebration.

Hope now you got what i meant above by a mini  roller coaster ride .... .. 
And the following pictures are from the very next day i.e.  1.01.2016 from different places of pokhara city... ... 



Jeans - Zara women

White Kicker - Gold star
Sling bag - Colette Hayman
Watch - DKNY 
Accessories (shades & bracelets) - Accessories Nepx

After all my struggle on the Last day of the year 2015  I have made a really good resolution
Work & Study HARD but Travel & Explore HARDER 

Wish you all a very HAPPY 2016  again !

Hope you all enjoyed this post ... .. 
Till en 


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