Thursday, January 14, 2016



How have you all been doing?
Well, these days am so busy with college and my part time thing, which I dont think I should be so busy with it - though

Anyways, getting back to my post, This is about one of my look for work - actually you can call it my everyday look - when i dont have to attend any work meetings. As you all know am very much a COMFORT lover and that's exactly my  STYLE. I love to be experimental with looks but that happens onces' in a blue moon  .... ..
Anyways despite that reality about my style & experiment.
The other reason I wore this look is that, I had to go for my university classes & shopping - YES shopping for my shoots #propshaunting and for which I have to travel almost every other stores.
And that also all by my self !!

Talking about the post title, which is , CREDULOUS , I love to dress up & be in comfort and I believe that's my cup of tea in style and that's, why my comfort style stands out. As when It comes to comfort in style I want my style be the impressionable of all ... ..
Hope you all agree .... ...


Kickers - Goldstar
Shades - Ax Nep
Jeans - Zara Women
Sweat shirt - M&S
Navy jacket - Lee Copper
Watch - DKNY

Hope you all liked this post & wish you all a beautiful weekend 
Till en ... 


Photo Courtesy: Sajana Shrestha (ECS MEDIA)

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