Sunday, January 24, 2016

C.O.L.O.R.F.U.L. F.A.L.L.


Been long !
How have you been doing ? hope everything is great with you all... ...
Well, I have been very busy with my university /college thing, I wonder why is Degree study, so boring and confusing ... .. hahahaa !
Of - course the pressure at work is just a cheery on top !!
It more fun to work in pressure, complaining ...fighting...arguing...thinking.... thinking... planning.. working on details.....assuring  too much of *Ing
Thats, what I am exactly busy with...

Getting back to my post, I must say I am turning little bit , over from my comfort zone of colors i.e. BLACK On BLACK , as these days am wearing lots of colors - bright colors from Magenta , Golden Yellow, Sea Green , Blue, Green , Grey, of-course  Black as well. I think it good to look different, sometimes and also come out of ones' comfort zone.

I have been assigned with lots of work at work , which included meetings, meetings and meetings with like every other person , plus the weather these day in Kathmandu is going so SHITTY - Daam I just dont Like winter.
I have to look Simple , Smart & Chic and on the top of all Warm. Thats' all the story behind this look, of-course, am more into over coats this winter , then , parka & long bomber jackets or fur faux .

That's exactly what I did. Hope you guy will like the following LOOK !


Shades - Accessories nep.x
Magenta overcoat - To the nines
Legging - Zara women
Stud Boots - BBSM 

That golden brown muffler was made by aunty dearest !
Thank you Accessories Nep.x for these amazing pair of shades !!
I was never comfortable or eager - ed before to wear a overcoat when my mom used to ask to wear them last couple of winters and I was like ... .. 

But this year, I still cant believe am wearing them every now and then, hahaha !!
I guess 70's & 80's trend are back with a bang ... .. 
Looks like I need to blog a trend report - post soon ... .. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post 
Till en ... . 


Photo courtesy: Chandra S. Magar (Ecs Media)

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