Monday, February 16, 2015

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This post is going to be a bit different to you all.
through this post am introducing  you all, a very awesome store, here in Nepal. Any guess??
(My local readers)
Its non other then, 

I am sure, you guys have many questions , so , I am writing you whole details about them.
Great & Helpful , isnt it?

What does AN. X means??
 AN.X actually means, Accessories X. Nepal

What is it actually ??
Its  the first complete accessories store, which has varieties of accessories like earrings, rings, phone accessories, replica branded wallets & bags, trendy bag packers, watches,  shades, beanies  & many more

How did it all started off??
 Well, they have had actually, started it as online business.

Store or Online ??
 They have opened up a store at RB Complex, Pako Newroad, SHOP NO. 401 after, their customers asked them make a visit, see every item & buy it.

Any Links ??
They are  very much updated in social networking sites like FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP , VIBER ... ...

Market prices ??
I would say, they give - sell their materials in more less prices then that of other accessories store around Kathmandu. This does not mean they serve you poor quality of products as they sell stuffs in cheap prices.

Quality of replica bag??
As we all know,  (to be specific) Girls love branded bags. keeping it on concern they have variety of replica bags in different brands & quality.
(I would say it is really great for budget shoppers, who love branded bags)

Delivery services??
Yes, they provide delivery services not only all around Nepal but they also ship it world wide !!

Is it a retail or whole seller???
 They provide you both services, isn't it Great!!

Who owns' it ??
The store was actually started as an online business by a young individual, to whom I would rather like to call him
  Young Nepali Entrepreneur Mr. Karma Wangyal.

I hope you all liked short  details post about the store....  ..
Till en.. .. 


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