Monday, February 9, 2015


 It has had been long 
when I have had met this awesome Blogger friend of mine. 
Yea she is my of my favorite blogger (Nepali)- Hope you guys have heard the blog named 
She is good  isn't she ?? (Hope you check out the above link)
Yesterday, we had lunch together at one of my favorite place, which is 
(Dalle is situated at Kamladi near nabil bank )


Black top - Atmosphere
Sweater- Dad's wardrobe
Jacket - Marks& Spencer 
Watch - DKNY
Shoes- Vans
#Swankyrana  #With  #Peppyowl
My all time fav. #Dallecombo  #HappyKid

We had lots of fun, talking , eating, ...
 where about our work & hardship of being a stylist in Nepali Media houses ...

Hope you all enjoyed & liked this post 
Till en... ... 


Photo courtesy: Rheas' iphn5s

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