Sunday, February 8, 2015

#TrendReport -> T.R.E.N.D.Y. B.A.G. P.A.C.K.S


Hope you all had a great weekend & everything around you is going great !!
  This would be my
ever post about latest trends or should I say whats in trend  here in Kathmandu - Streets
The reason I am writing, this post is, all  thanks goes to these beautiful people in - at different streets of Kathmandu 
I could see many people carrying different style & types of back pack - Bags !! 
And am not a bag pack person (Now)
But- again I am planning to get one  #hopefully

Then, I thought why not I do a small market research and help you guys get a  proper place 
 where you all can get different variety of 
Trendy Back Packs Bags
under a same roof in good quality & price 

Any idea  which store is it ? 
 Its non other then, 
The one & only - First complete accessories  store of Nepal  
Accessories Nepal 

I have divided the bag into few categories / trends accordingly , Below !!

1. Studs & some more Studs 
 If you are a person who loves studs & spikes, I would say  This bag would be just great !

2. Tribal  Prints 
These funky printed  tribal bags are  cool to carry around, all  thanx to their shapes & designs ... ..  

3. Old school bags
I am a big fan of old school fashion.  And this bags' design got me back to my child hood days, when i used to carry these types of bags. No wonder they are always in trend !!

4. Vans Bags 
Isn't that great ??  They also have Vans bag  that also in different colors and best part of it ?? The quality is far more better then that i have had seen. I recommend you all to buy it !!

5. Replica bags
Branded bags in Kathmandu - Nepal is a big joke! As we all know Replica bags are all over the shops of Kathmandu (Expect few stores). And do you know what's so good about ANX Store?
They have variety of replica bags in different category,sizes, designs, quality  & prices. They just say its replica as they believe "Business is all about trust".

Guess what ??
I am doing some more post about ANX , & they have also gifted me two of their awesome products
Isn't that great ??
Hope you all liked this post ... ..
 Till en 

Photo courtesy : Jni Maharjan 
Location / store: Accessories Nepal, RB complex Newroad

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