Saturday, February 6, 2016

'em F.A.S.H.I.O.N. L.O.V.E.R.S.


This post is going to be a combo pack post - which includes my work OOTD & about a small moment about my blogging life !  
YES ,  
For the very first time am going to share you a beautiful part of my blogging journey.  I dont know how many of you all know about my journey of blogging, it all started suddenly, after I went through some of LookBook profiles, which made me think,  
Why don't I give it a try ?

I realized my immense love for Fashion - Everyday comfort Fashion  

And through my blog and blogging, I got a chance to meet not only beautiful & handsome national & international bloggers but also got a chance to share our love for FASHION & Individual Style
And one of them was,  This beautiful Nepali Uk based Blogger named FASHIONBEAUTYBUG & her instagram (here), which  is run / blogged by Sarita Rai.  Do check out her blog and instagram people she is really good. I would not mind saying she is one of those bloggers whose' blog I look  to turn my blog in future.. .. 

Before she was just my Fellow International Blogger friend, but now, she is my BLOGGER BESTIE!

She happen to make her visit to Nepal this year 2015/16 and we got a chance to meet up ,  know each other more into person and as well as share our love for Fashion. Though, We couldn't spend much time as we had planned , but the time , we had spend it together uphold some really good memories..  Be it the our first meet at Thamel ..... Pokhara ... for shoot & our last meet up and our imnese texts n messages in other sites .

 These pictures are of her last day in Nepal. If you guys have followed us on SNAPCHAT  @swankyrana & @fashionbeautybug you guys already know about it! Anyways, through this post I wanted to share how social media  sites helped us both get connected and turn into Bloggers' Besties and help us grow our knowledge about National & International style as well as blogging!

Hope you all liked our poses &  pictures
Haahahahaaaa !!


Shades & muffler - Anx Nepx
Jacket with fur - Lee copper 
Fleece Jacket - M&S
Jeans - Zara Women
Kickers - Goldstar 

Lastly, I know its been long !
Gt busy with things , hope everything going on good & well with you all my readers !

Hope you all liked & enjoyed this post !
Till en


Photo Courtesy : Fashionbeautybug
Location : The Vesper cafe & restaurant