Tuesday, February 23, 2016



I  wouldn't mind saying that my wandering habit had been very much affected by my everyday errands! Reality of life  - MY LIFE
Thankfully, during my visit to a fellow designers' studio at boudha , I got a a chance to RUNAGATE even though it was a momentary.  This is one of the Gumba / Monastery where my work colleague  had parked his ride and told me this used to be one of his favorite hangouts in boudha. After we made our visit to the designers' studio  we planned to spend some time at this particular gumba "SETO Gumba" if aint wrong !

Even the earthquake didnt spared this beautiful place - which is SAD! the main building was also affected by the earthquake , due to which it was closed, and I only got to take picture with its Tall Wooden Door, which had these beautiful colorful patterns. The surroundings were field with nature and calmness which indeed made this RUNAGATE a worthwhile for that moment of my stay.
We didnt palnned up staying for long but ended up staying at this place more then an hour or so,
Those sounds of monks prayers, birds , smell of in-scent sticks, ofcourse the beauty of nature with sun set view from the corner.... ..


Kickers - SKECHERS 
Tote Bag - Emerge
Shades - Ray ban Clubmaster
Watch - Aldo 
Hat - Ripcurl

Since its already spring, i just paired up my work outfit with black and touch of bright colors, i.e. my hat and kickers gave a spice to my black outfit ! Also I wore these cool pairs of kickers as I had to go visit alot of places in search of Props for phootshoot #lifeofastylist #swankyranaasstylist
I would like to recommend you all to visit this place once during you visit to boudhanath stupa. 

Am sure everything is going on great with you all ... .. 
As always have been very busy with things which am not sure why am I busy with - Anyways !

Hope you all enjoyed my momentary runagate post !
Till en 


Photo courtesy: Prajwal Maharjan (ECS MEDIA)