Friday, February 12, 2016

LET's S.K.E.C.H. #swankyranatraveldiaries


Apologies have not been able to write my blogs more often, As I  had planed !

Cant believe its already 2016 ! I traveled my heart out during the last few months of the year 2015 ... . hahahhaha!  Am sure you all know my trip to "THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM - MUSTANG" which is also known as " KINGDOM OF LO" .If you didn't know you guys can check out these links (HERE) or my Instagram (Here) which uphold every small details about my travel diary i.e. #swankyranatraveldiaries

Now, lets back to the post, I would like to share a small story which is a part of all my traveldiaries i.e. SKECHERS  a very famous American shoe brand sponsored or shall I say gave me one of of their awesome pairs of  skechers which,  I wore like hell, during my visit to the "SHANGRI - LA " 
And they just didn't gave any other pair of SKECHERS, but one of the limited celebrity inspired and was non other then "DEMI LOVATO for Skechers "  How cool is that, isnt it ?

On our way to upper mustang #swankyinLomanthang

Dumbaa Lake, Jomsom 
These all are some of travel photos with my super cool pairs of kickers from SKECHERS !  

I recommend you all to at least have a pair of skechers, they are really good people -  if you ask me am thinking to get another pair  of them. They have some really cool variety of collections for   Wo / Men of all age group (HERE).  Am thinking of getting a pair of Skechers' GO WALK  as I have to walk a lot, visit a lot of stores to search and find props for photo shoot. Go Walk is best for me as its specifically design as walking shoes and also comes in some really cool colors - yeah !! 


Hope you all liked this post and Thank you SKECHERS for these cool pairs of Kickers 


PHOTO COURTESY: Prem Gurung, Najin Gurung & Prity Gurung

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