Sunday, February 28, 2016

90's R.O.C.K.I.N.G. 80's


I had planned on writing this post long time back - between fall.
Before I start I would like to ask you all a QUESTION - which one is your favorite era of Fashion?
The 60's - 70's -  80's - 90' or 20's - which is precisely the mixture of all era !
I just love  70's & 80's Vogue , for me they were the best era of Vogue! For me it was, these era of vogue which has brought some really cool style in the fashion world.  Those bright colorful over coats, double breasted jackets,  fur faux , tweed coats , floral hippie styled palazzo pants & jumpsuits, long golden & black gowns & many more... ... .. ...
If  I start up with the 70& 80's era of vogue I can go on ... and  on....

So lets get back to this post, where, I have paired up my entire black outfit with a touch of light grey long over coat, which had been in our coats & jackets wardrobe since ages.... Well, am not a overcoat or jacket person  but, everytime , I  saw that coat, I always used to take it out try it on and put it back.  But this fall I didnt do that , I took it out, tried it on & walked out with it!! And I think I just nailed it - with this look as per the reviews I got at my snapchat & video which I had posted in my Instagram profiles.

I wore this outfit, when my beautiful citys' temperature had fallen down to 1* (weather is just an excuse - hahahahaaaa!)

Anyways I wore it almost the same look 2-3 times at work and I dont mind saying I love repeating the same outfit - well not the very next day but at least after a day or 3.  Yes, this is a very piece of beauty which WE - me & mom have it in our coats and jackets wardrobe and this beautiful piece belongs to my mom which she  had bought it during her foreign visit and thanks to her age she doesn't remember where on earth she bought it - all she remembers is it was one of her work training visit , during her early 20's!


Kickers - Goldstar
Over coat - Mom's wardrobe
Watch - DKNY 
Black shawl or stool - Shree Pashmina

Ofcourse, I paired the whole outfit with my all time favorite kickers GOLDSTAR #swankylovesgoldstar and since i didn't want the whole outfit to look like Men in black  #ladyversion I paired the whole look with Light grey over coat , green faux top and my DKNY watch . 

I named the post 90's rocking 80's as I really didnt know if it would be appropriate to say 70's vogue. Guess, 80's cool !

I hope you all enjoyed this post 
 Till en ... . 


Photo courtesy: Chandra Sijal (ECS MDEIA)

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